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  • moritzhberg Level 1 Level 1

    It runs great for me, and I'm running ML 10.8.2

  • dominiquefromlugano Level 1 Level 1

    I share all what is proposed here above, but I do not understand why Apple does not inform the clients about its future and possible policy. I tried to get info, wrote a registered letter to Tim Cook. Yes they reply, that they can say nothing. Like if I ask to the CIA the future policy of the US government re Lybia. 

    Apple should keep in mind the friendly attitude its fans have toward the brand. But not joke on the edge as it is easy and fast to destroy the goodwill Steve Job has been able to build.

    Same with Iphone5: no clear communication on the shop online about the news SIM format.

    I just feel like a prey of a trendy tool, with predators having fun

  • Ethmoid Level 6 Level 6

    Apple did inform is customers about its plans for both iWeb and MobileMe.  Users were informed a year in advance that MobileMe would close and iCloud would replace it, but would not offer web hosting.


    Apple could not have made it any planer by withdrawing support for iWeb and no longer selling it in its stores. How much clearer do you want them to make it for you?


    Look at the alternatives that are out there, which are many and varied.

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    Thank you for your reply, Ethmoid.

    First, about Mobileme: yes you informed one year before but not on other emails that emails. So, not using emails, I was not informed. And other emails are registered well fro payment etc... That was a mistake.

    Then about my questions and your reply: my question was not linked to the past (how we were informed or not) but about the future: does Apple plan to keep the future Mac OS 10 or 11 "Tiger Vulcanoes or Seas Cheetas" compatible with Iweb or not ?

    Or does Apple plan to have a new web design software soon ?

    This is the real issue of desperate people not wishing to learn how Sandvox or similar works...

  • dominiquefromlugano Level 1 Level 1

    I fully share your comment...Joe, it's exactly what we are asking for, and I guess we are not a few

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    Apple has withdrawn support for iWeb and no longer sells it in its stores and it is not available from the Mac App Store either.


    If they have withdrawn support, this means that they probably won't produce anything else and at sometime or another iWeb will be incompatible with future OS's.  At the moment it still works with Lion and Mountain Lion, but there may come a time when it will no longer work.


    This does not mean that you can't continue to use it though.  All you would need to do is consider partitioning one Mac and keep one partition that contains Snow Leopard that can be booted and you can continue to use iWeb with this or you could consider booting up Snow Leopard from an external hard drive and continuing to use iWeb in that way.


    If you don't want to do this, then at some point, you'll really have no alternative but to try other web creation packages such as RapidWeaver, Sandvox, Freeway Pro/Express, Flux 4 and the loads of others out there.


    There are lots of alternatives, so perhaps instead of speculating on what Apple may or may not do in the future, get out there and have a look.

  • dominiquefromlugano Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks, clear now.

    Tell anyway to your friends at Apple that many Mac addicts would be more than happy to find soon a new webdesign soft with Mac's Sould and Spirit...


  • Ethmoid Level 6 Level 6

    I have nothing whatsoever to do with Apple themselves and if you had read the forum joining details, then you would see that this is a user to user forum and is not monitored by Apple at all.


    I am simply a user of Apple products myself, just like anybody else that answers your questions on this forum and have nothing to do with Apple.


    Others who answer your questions such as Roddy, Jeff and Old Toad are also users like myself, having nothing to do with Apple and quite frankly, what I have just told you, you could have easily found for yourself by doing a search of this forum, where the same question has been asked endlessly.

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    I agree. Sandvox is not optimal for sure.  I cannot utilize and manipulate my backgrounds as I can with iWeb. You can, but with a bunch of ridiculous multiple steps.

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    The alternatives are time consuming and require almost total rebuilding of your site. I disagree that Apple made it clear. Yes, the certainly did let us know about mobile me way in advance. That does not affect me as I have always used other host servers.  However, iWeb, which is only about 4 yrs old- the apple folks had no answer at apple care.  Maybe it will work, maybe not....blah blah.  Just because they won't support does not mean it is automatically rendered inoperable- so on that point- I disagree.  When you call them- they should flippin know if it will work with a new OS. 

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    Not monitored by Apple?


    If that's the case, why do I receive personal messages from the community host that I violate the terms of use of this froum, for instance for saying that you can download a copy of iWeb on my website.


    Or for laughing at teachers.


    Hello Community Host! Looking forward to hear from you!

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    jan228 wrote:

    I disagree that Apple made it clear.

    I wish I had a copy of the original iWeb Terms of Agrreement. Maybe someone here does and could post the portion I'm about to refer to.  For those of you, including myself, using iWeb for business, iWeb Terms stated that iWeb is intended for personal use and business use violated the Terms of Agreement. Anyone here on the Forum around long enough can back me up on that.


    So if you've built your business around iWeb, it's your/my responsibility to either use iWeb until it no longer works or to seek an alternative.


    None of what I said above makes me happy about the state of iWebs future, but it's a fact.

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    Photos for Mac

    If you know any HTML coding then give Flux a try.  I found their video tutorials invaluable in getting started with it.

  • Ethmoid Level 6 Level 6



    I don't think that those terms of business applied directly to iWeb itself - iWeb is just the application, but the terms and conditions applied more to .Mac and then MobileMe for publishing - MobileMe was intended to be for personal sites and not business sites and those who used iWeb for business purposes have mostly published their sites to other web hosts anyway because it gave you more for your money in those circumstances rather than MobileMe.


    I also use iWeb for business purposes, but mostly have published to other web hosts rather than .Mac or MobileMe.

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    I stand corrected on that point.