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Branden Williams Level 1 (5 points)

Folks, wanted to recap this as I am finding the problem much more broad than my original post (here: Here's my setup:


  • MacBook Air 13", Mid 2011
  • Mountain Lion
  • Wifi Problems, cannot connect to open wi-fi and Sprint hot spot.
  • CAN connect to Time Capsule (at least I could before I started futzing with my setup while on the road)


here's what I've done so far:

  • Reset SMC
  • Zapped PRAM
  • Reduced MTU to 1300
  • Set hotspot to 802.11g only
  • Set IPv6 to Local-link only
  • Set up a new user account, no connection there either
  • Repair disk
  • Repair disk permissions
  • Removed WiFi in networking control panel and re-add.
  • Remove the network from control panel AND remove keys from Keychain


What I have not done but will try later:

  • Reinstall ML
  • Disable WMM



  • ML seems to think there is a connection to the wi-fi, but it can never get an IP address
  • Using a static IP on the network doesn't help the problem
  • My hotspot never really registers the MBA as a connection

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion
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