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When trying to install Mountain Lion I get an error message, Failed, recovery can't be created

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    My Mountain Lion install failed for the following reason:


    OS X can't be installed on the disk Macintosh HD, because a recovery system can't be created.


    The message went on:


    Visit www.apple.com/support/no-recovery to learn more.


    The page is about a different failure, but I'm assuming the reason for my failure is this one:


    The disk has a non-standard Boot Camp partition setup, in which further partitioning was performed after running Boot Camp Assistant, or the configuration that Boot Camp Assistant created was manually modified.


    The cure involves erasing the entire HD and starting from scratch, which in my case would involve backing up both the Mac and Windows sides, setting up Boot Camp again, reinstalling Windows XP and recovering everything from backups on both sides. I would rather not have Mountain Lion than go through all that, and I think it's unfair for Apple to expect me to.


    Because I don't recall doing anything off-piste when I set up Boot Camp in the first place (for a start, I'm not clever enough), I consider this episode an inadequacy in the Mountain Lion installer. As I won't be using the download, is it possible to get my money back?

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    HI PWallace


    Great seems like i have the same exact problem as i also have my mac partitioned - Boot camp for Windows and OS X snow leopard. I have downloaded to upgrade to Mountain Lion and the error message appears is


    OS X can't be installed due to recovery system cant be created....


    What happens now any idea.... Cause, if i have to remove - erase everything on the HD thats definetely a pain in the .... no way.


    Any suggestions please???



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    dgsdesigns wrote:


    Any suggestions please???

    I gave up Mountain Lion as a bad job, so a wasted purchase. I'm certainly not going to go through a rigmarole involving a full backup of both OS's and erasing my HD.


    My use of Boot Camp is as far as I am concerned 100% vanilla, and I expect OS upgrades to install normally. I feel we have been let down by Apple.

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    Ok Thanks for getting back to me.