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I am new to Iphoto. So far used Picasa and would like to change. I have created Albums (2012.7 sommer holiday  , 2012.6 birthday son, 2011.10 birtthday daughter, 1999 wedding etc). Since there are hundreds of albums (lot of pics in the last 45 years), I've put these albums into folders (family picture 1999, family picture 2000, family picture 2001 etc etc). So the list in iPhoto is not too long and I can find quickely whatever album or picture I am looking for. That works great on the iMac using Iphoto but when I want to watch the picture on Apple TV, Apple TV is not showing the folders instead it is just ignoring totally the yearly folders and shows the whole list of all albums. Am I doing something wrong? Does anyone has experience with that?

Thks for help


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    Am I doing something wrong?

    No, that is how it is supposed to work.

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    Have you try going to iPhoto preferences...?

    There, you can select on the Top of the Window the Sharing option. Click on Share my photos than click on all the albums that you want to see in your Apple TV.

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    Hi, I see what you mean and yes I can select the folder that I have created in Iphoto (2012, 2011, 2010 etc) in preferences but still Apple TV is not showing these folders but looks directly through them. I have then a very long list of all the the different Albums (aprox 50 per year) that are in these folders The question is, is there a way that Apple TV shows these folders instead of directly the albums? Funnily for the videos (outside of Iphoto) I have the same system and it works fine on Apple TV. Thanks anyway for your help.

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    There seems to be no real solution, but I have discovered a work around which I have tested. The photo albums themselves won't live in separate folders, but you can create an album with the same name as your folder with a single photo in it, so that the albums are separated. I also like to add the year first to chronologically order them. I know that this may take a while as you have so many photos, but I hope that helps as I was having the same problem.


    For example:



    2012 Spain

    2011 Italy

    2010 Thailand


    2013 Marks 40th Birthday

    2012 Family Reunion

    2011 Bon Voyage Marc