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where is the devices list on itunes?

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    Welcome to the Apple Community.


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    Many thanks. am trying to add a library on apple remote. the ipad gives me a 4 digit code to enter into my the devices list on itunes. have now found the device (after connecting it) but as yet am clueless as to where I put the 4 digit code. Ideas???

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    You don't need to use the 'Add iTunes library' option in the remote app, just set up homesharing on the iPad and in iTunes on your computer.

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    im having a similar issue in that i just bought apple tv yesterday and no matter what i do it doesnt show in my devices. home sharing is turned on on both the itunes account and the apple tv device, the network info is all the same, the apple tv will play music from my itunes but not video. i get a connection timed out error.

    the main issue though is that apple tv does not show under devices!

    please help!

    (itunes is installed and the apple tv was updated 20 minutes ago)

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    Apple TV 2nd and 3rd gen do not show up under devices unless connected for restore purposes.

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    Windows 7, Itunes 11.0.1 it is gone on the left side. It is hidden on the right side with no visible options to reach it. The circumstances have to be right so when you click on Library, it lists the device next to iTunes store.  Make iTunes a TON easier: The little square in the farest left/top corner, Show Menu Bar (Ctrl+B)


    YAY!!! quick, all in one access to all the different areas, devices, lists, options!! I don't know why dev's today think they need to hide such simple and easy tools from users.

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    How did you (Sir WLC, first reply) get that list to appear?


    I have used iTunes to download a bunch of podcasts.  They show up in the "iTunes Media Library" folder.  I cannot figure out how to persuade iTunes to move the things to the shuffle.


    I have a gen3 shuffle and iTunes running on WinXP.  If i run help/diagnostics, (connectivity and sync only), all "connectivity" tests pass but the device sync test says "no iPod touch, iphone or ipad found" and "one or more tests failed".  So is the "gen3 ipod shuffle" not SUPPOSED to pass (it is not a ~touch, phone, or pad)? 


    The shuffle (and one book file i dragged directly onto it) is visible to the Windows "file explorer", and that one book will play on the shuffle.  Nonetheless, when it is plugged in to the USB port, the orange light continues to blink; it does not turn green, as the PDF for the thing suggests it will do when fully charged.  Is blinking orange the expected behavior for a fully charged device?




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    The "device list" is shown in the sidebar.  To toggle sidebar visibility, pull down the View menu and click on the Sidebar entry.  Once the device list is visible, podcasts can be dragged onto the device.

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    When I saw that post I was so ready to come back spitting and sputtering with "ITS NOT THERE IN ItUNES 11"  ugh, its been so frustrating searching the forums for help with iT11 because they removed so much but you're right!! its there!! we can totally use it and restore abilities to the users :) Thank you so much