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I am running 10.6. How can I manipulate the order of the labels by color of label? That is to say, if I want the red to come at the top of te hierarchy rather than at the end. How can I do that?

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    Go to Finder Preferences (Preferences in the Finder menu) > Labels and change the names of the labels so that they are alphabetically in the order you prefer.

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    Thanks. Is there also a way to color the whole folder or change its so that it stand out from the rest?

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    Yes. Example -

    Screen Shot 2012-08-02 at 08.04.18 .png


    To do that, do a Get Info on the folder you want to change. Select (click once) the icon in the upper left of the Get Info window, then Copy it (Copy in Edit menu, or Command-C).


    Then open Preview. When Preview is up, go to the File menu and select "New from Clipboard". This should open the folder icon in icon mode.


    In the list on the left, be sure the #1 (topmost) item is selected.


    Then go to the Tools menu and select "Adjust color...". Then use the sliders to adjust the color; the ones I usually use are Saturation, Color, Tint, and Sepia.


    Once you're satisfied with the change, click once in the large representation of the icon, then Copy.


    Go to your original folder, do a Get Info on it again, then select its icon in the upper left and Paste.


    Note - you can save the work in Preview as an icon file. With Preview still active, select Save from the File menu and you'll be prompted for a name and deposit location.