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Has anyone of you had any success in migrating a Lion server to ML Server? I have tried this in a test environment with a Lion server 10.7.4 Mac Mini server set up with addressbook server, ical server, wiki server, OD master, and some test users and sample data, but it always fail!??!


1:st try, upgrade:


- made a bootable backup of my server to the second internal disk.

- downloaded and installed ML, logged in, downloaded OS X Server.app and ran it. it picked up server data and ran upgrading services, but failed to authenticate to OD and ignored subsequent services.


2:nd try, migration:


- Installed ML on secondary drive after wiping it with disk utility.

- downloaded OS X Server.app and ran it. I choose to import data from old installation. It migrated my apps and data. I deleted Lion Server.app and downloaded OS X Server.app. it recoglized my old data and started upgrading services. Failed at the same place as before, authenticating to OD.



Anyone else had similar issues and got passed them?



Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.4), Lion Server