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I have tried unchecking and re checking but it goes right back to syncing all songs and some of the checked songs.  This is my 3rd. shuffle and I have never had a problem setting them up and syncing music from my itunes library.

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    Hi my name is Yuta and I will be more than happy to assit you.This is a itunes or ipod problem so I highly recommend to call apple customer service which the phone number will be 1-800-MY-APPLE

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    You checked Sync only checked songs AND you unchecked everything your iTunes library, except for the songs you want on the shuffle?


    NOTE:  If your previous shuffles were 1st or 2nd gen, the 3rd and 4th gen shuffles work differently.  They work more like the "bigger" iPods.


    A better way to set up syncing, is to create one or more playlists, with only the songs you want on the shuffle.  Then, select the shuffle in the iTunes sidebar, under DEVICES.  Over to the right, go to the Music tab.  This is where you define how iTunes syncs its library to the shuffle.  Set it up to sync ONLY those playlists with songs for the shuffle.  When you click Apply, your shuffle will have those songs and playlists, and nothing else.


    Subsequently, whenever you update those playlists, the changes will sync to the shuffle automatically, whenever you connect the shuffle (or click the Sync button).

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    Thanks, I will try this when I get home.  I had no idea that the 3rd and 4th gen work a little different.  I hope this works because it's been driving me nuts for 2 days!!! 

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    It seems to have worked.  Thank you:) 

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    NOTE:  Unlike the old shuffles, the current shuffle can play songs from playlists.  You can play songs from the All Songs list, but if you put multiple playlists on the shuffle, you can select to play from a particular playlist by using the VoiceOver button (press and hold to switch between playlists).  For example, you can have a playlist with your favorite songs for exercise.


    This document has information on using VoiceOver on the shuffle.




    (This is another way the current shuffle is more like the "bigger" iPods.)