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    I just received this Email from IronKey support:


    Greetings IronKey Mountain Lion User,


    We are writing to you because you expressed interest in being notified once an update is available that will allow you to use your IronKey 200 series device with Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8).  We are happy to announce that IronKey software update is now available.


    This update includes:

    - Support for Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)

    - Updated Identity Manger with numerous bug fixes

    - Updated Mozilla Firefox (version 13)

    - Updated Malware Scanner engine (Enterprise only)

    - Other general bug fixes


    This update will only work for S200 and D200 model devices. To get your device model, you can unlock your IronKey and go to Control Panel > Settings

    > About IronKey and it will list your model.  Do not run this update if

    > your

    IronKey states that it is an S100, S250, or D250 device.


    You can manually download the IronKey update file by following these steps:


    *We highly recommend backing up your data using the Secure Backup utility

    (encrypted) in the event the device encounters any problems with the update.


    1. Insert but do not unlock the IronKey.
    2. Download the file:

    1. Launch the file once it has completed downloading.  This file must be run on a Windows computer.
    2. Follow the on-screen instructions to start the update.
    3. Upon completion, you will be prompted to remove, re-insert and unlock the IronKey.


    When the update has finished you must remove the device from the USB port, then re-insert and unlock it in Windows before it can be used in a Mac.


    Your IronKey will now be at the latest version available for the 200 series:

    1. This can be verified by unlocking the device and then going to Control Panel > Settings > About IronKey.
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    I have upgraded the latest firmware upgrade from Iron Key. It is now working with Mountain Lion. Thanks for INFO.

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    Sorry to bump thread but the link is dead does anyone have any suggestions???



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