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Okay, so before anyone references it, I've already done this from the KB:




I have a MacBook Pro with an expresscard slot connected to my MacPro tower via Ethernet.  I want to be able to mount and copy a UDF-formatted Expresscard (contents digital video) mounted in the expresscard slot of the MBP, to the attached Mini-SAS RAID hosted by my MacPro tower. 


My MBP is running Lion 10.7.4, my MacPro is running SL 10.6.8.  (Please don't tell me to upgrade the tower.  That's impossible during a paid job and these are working machines, I can't risk downtime.)


When I connect via AFP to the MBP from the tower, I can only see HFS attached volumes, even after enabling ALL "legacy UAMs" per the KB article linked above, I want to be able to use the MUCH FASTER method of tethering via ethernet (GbE) to copy and ingest the video contents of the UDF-formatted Express card in the MBP expresscard slot.  This USED to be possible when both machines were running SL.  No longer.  I'm stuck with an ultra-slow USB card reader for the expresscard ingest directly to the tower's RAID. 



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), 15" MacBookPro3,1 4GB RAM