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After I have synced iTunes music with my iPod Touch, files disappear from the iTunes library, and I can no longer play them from iTunes, but can still play them on the iPod. First, why does this happen, second, can I sync them back to iTunes?





iPod touch, iOS 5.0.1, 3rd gen
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    I have found the answer:


    After the last iTunes upgrade, and the subsequent syncing, iTunes syncs iTunes purchased items. All others it considers ‘pirated,’ and omits and deletes the files. I have a vast collection of songs that I laboriously digitized from my vinyl collection, and was hopping mad that iTunes nonchalantly deleted the files without any warning.


    I was forced to buy a third party application to sync the songs back from my Touch to iTunes.


    I learned that iTunes is built to sync TO iPhones/iPods/iPads, but not FROM them. Therefore syncing is a misleading verb. It should say that iTunes ‘overwrites.’ It’s supposed to ‘protect‘ copyright holders.