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I like to use the Safari extension "ClickToFlash" to force HTML5 video wherever I can from Flash, I am so use to hitting ⌘+F to maximise the screen (as you do) and then the ESC key to shrink it again, but I've found, since upgrading to Safari v6 (7536.25) that when I press the ESC key, without fail, Safari crashes.


Is anybody else having this issue?


I've been experimenting and it's not restricted to YouTube, but any site which uses HTML5 video, however if I view Flash video and hit ESC I do not get the crash. I immediately thought that it would be down to the extension itself but the developer said he'd been using Safari 6 in beta fro ages and nothing had come to his attention, nothing from users either, just me.



I've not changed or added any of the extensions I use, here is a list of them:



• TrueSuite WebLogin (okay that's a new one, but I added that just yesterday and this problems been here since I upgraded to Safari 6, it doesn't count as it's disabled anyway)


• ClickToFlash


• AdBlock


• delicious


• GmailChecker


• simplify GR


• CenterImages


• NoMoreiTunes


• Yahoo Blocker


• Beautipedia


• BetterIMDB


all of which are kept up to date via Safari itself, automatically




I have even tried disabling all of the extension I use (except for ClickToFlash, of course) and still recieve the error (even after reboot) so am not sure what the problem could be. In this even I have uploaded the crash log for:


1. A crash with all extensions enabled (except TrueSuite WebLogin): http://cl.ly/1d1E2v2p1g2N

2. A crash with all extensions disabled (except ClickToFlash): http://cl.ly/2O0j0a1L1V2P



Thanks in advance.

MacBook (13-inch Late 2007), Mac OS X (10.7.3), 4GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM