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    Hah! Yeah. I think you're right. Ah well. Will keep waiting/looking. I'll definitely let you know if I find another alternative.


    Just to labor the point, this is what I'd like.


    Todo list that is visually as important as the callendar. Not just a small addition on the side. Since I feel its jsut as important. Then, to be able to drag and drop the todo's into the callendar and have them stay as tasks, not convert into events. Also, have them be checkable from the callendar and look a different colour too.


    So at a glance I can see - what I need to DO today, and where I need to BE today.


    Then, have them stay linked, so if I move a tasks time throughout the day, the displayed info in the task list updates as well.


    Oh, and would be nice if all of this looked like a nice piece of design. Not some old 1990's office program (sorry, but BusyCal and a few others just look horrible)


    Now, is that too hard?




  • sophiemarcil Level 1 Level 1

    this corrected my problem!

  • Macazuka Level 1 Level 1



    my first time on the forum and also a recent Apple user. i was with their rival before and was quite happy apart from the inexplicable fact that i tend to fry all my electrical gadgets so i am gradually and very very slowly moving all products to Apple as they seem to have some in built protection against my motherboard destroying body.


    Anyway, i've watched with so much amusement in recent years the battle for supremacy and originality of ideas (since Job RIP) that Apple has been undergoing. having come from their rival, the iOS 8 to me is an imperfect copy of their OS and the calendar/notes/reminder apps are a typical example.


    i would like my calendar to show my reminders so that i remember them. flashing them as a banner in my busy world is NOT going to 'remind' me. i need to see them as part of my 'to do' list for the day. and why oh why do you have to scroll down to the end of reminders to be able to write a new reminder? who sorts a reminder list with the oldest reminder first ?????


    i will be feeding back to Apple but it seems that considering how long this post has been running with non of your suggestions or wishes granted, they don't listen too well.


    Mmh! seems a more fruitful thing would be to make an appointment with my doctor to correct this body of mine and then revert back to my former phone provider. at least then i would remember all the things i should for the day!

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    I have been using Apple products for decades, yes ... back at the beginning ... and have been on discussion lists with Apple software people, etc. for the same amount of time.  I didn't know how to deal with my computer problems until I quickly joined Mac lists of very knowledgeable people.  And even though those people were writing software and designing very things which are Apple compatible, Apple never had any reps who joined the lists nor paid any attention to what kowledgeable people were saying!


    The fact is:  Apple does what Apple wants to do and have very LITTLE LOYALTY to the many people who give feedback or who have been loyal patrons of many years.   It is the stock holders they care most about ...


    Don't think that Apple cares about what the customer wants/  They and the people who work there are concerned with their own creativity, coming up with something new, beating the competition with the end results that their stocks stay high and they make money, and all the glamour and glitz which comes of it.


    If this was not true you would see Apple implement some of the decisions of what their loyal patrons want included from the past ... rather than their attitude of "Well it if become obsolete, who cares, people can just buy new."   The Calendar issues are a PRIME example of hundred of problems as the newer and newer OSs are implemented.


    The attitude of some of the young employees at the genius bars around the USA have confirmed my suspicions.   The tone is set at the top and filters down.


    I have one computer with SL and another with ML.     Thanks goodness I did not upgrade to Yosemite (and stopped at Mavericks) which is loaded with a ton of problems which is another rant in and of itself.


    The majority of employees at Apple are too young to remember anything except the current operating system.   They have no grasp or clue of the cost to replace hundreds and hundreds of applications which don't work on the newest operating system.   Even many of the Apple applications often do not work on current OS.


    Steve Jobs has/had a ton of creativity and for that I give him credit and a great deal of respect.  However, as far as Apple as an entity giving a rip about their patrons and past customers ... their attitude appears to be


    "We are so good we will always get more customers and we demonstrate this by placing the majority of our money into R & D and advertising and very little into customer relations."


    If anyone has made any headway with getting Apple to listen to feedback about their products, please post.  I would like to read some positive news about Apple's concern for the loyal customers.


    They may not always be the only good computer company from which to choose!


    Karma has a way of coming back and biting in the backside!

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