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So I have 1090 contacts on my iPhone 4S. I have iCloud set up and when I go to or when I sync my MacBook Air (Lion) with iCloud only 590 contacts are merging. I have turned iCloud on and off on my iPhone to see if this would trigger a new sync but the same amount of contacts seem to merge. Does anyone have any idea how I can get all my contacts from my iPhone to merge to iCloud?


Thanks so much community!!!





  • SeaBeast Level 4 (2,870 points)

    On your iPhone Contact app, tap on "Groups" at the top and instead of showing all contacts select "All on my iPhone" to see if you got any contact there.


    If you notice there, you can locate contact either on your iPhone or on iCloud.  Only iCloud located contacts are synced to iCloud.

  • gophigure Level 1 (5 points)

    I know this is an old thread, but since I had the same issue and finally solved it, I'll post this for future reference.


    I had over 300 contacts on my iPhone 4 but only about 60 were showing up in iCloud. Saw lots of discussion, tried a few things, but here is the fix that worked for me.

    1. Got to Settings

    2. Go to iCloud

    3. Slide Contacts option to Off (You'll get a warning, make sure you choose to save the Contacts on your phone)

    4. Close out of Settings

    4. Wait 5 minutes or so

    5. Go back to Settings\iCloud

    6. Slide Contacts option to On (You'll get a message asking to merge Contacts, say yes)

    7. Go to Settings\iCloud\Storage & Backup

    8. Select Back Up Now


    That should do it. All of my iPhone Contacts are now in iCloud

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    Thanks, this totally solved my problem. I appreciate how easy it was to follow

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    OMG.... gophigure you totally rocked. Typiclly I hate coming to forums because its always tends to a bit of a fiddle**** when it comes to trying some suggestions that are offered. However I must say, I read yours, tried it, and it worked fantastically! Awesome job and thank you for sparing me a nite of staring at my screen with a blank look on my face.




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    Thanks gofigure!


    This  worked perfectly from my Mac. And works for Calendar too!




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    Thanks for taking the time to post this.


    It totally worked for me.





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    gophigure, you are a genius!  This has plagued me since the day I got my iphone!  Thank you for taking the time to post this and doing it in a clear way too.  This worked like a charm and I don't think I even waited the full 5 minutes either.

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    Frustratingly, this didn't work for me.  iCloud shows only three contacts from my iMac.  Followed the script, waited about 10 minutes, finished the script to the letter, and still only three contacts in iCloud.  Have been trying off and on to fix this for weeks, ever since I got an iPhone 5, which has downloaded my contacts from Yahoo, but has not uploaded them to iCloud (the three contacts in iCloud are also on my iPhone, so some synching has occurred, which adds to the mystery of why the rest don't sync).

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    When you go to the groups page in contacts, there is a sync/refresh button. All I have to do is hit that and all mine are synced to the cloud. I find this happens when I add new contacts when I don't have service.

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    MrCheg, thanks very much for the reply, and yes, that would normally work.  After I posted my response above, I discovered part of the issue:  The iPhone contacts that wouldn't sync were Yahoo contacts, which won't sync with iCloud.  I then turned off iCloud syncing, hooked up the iPhone to the Mac with a cable, and used iTunes to sync the contacts.  It worked just as advertised (on a different discussion thread).  I just hadn't realized that the main issue was with the contact group (Yahoo, in this case).  Thanks again

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    I tried this too but it doesn't just let me select contacts to back up (it backs up my whole phone) which exceeds the 5GB memory on iCloud... how did you get around this?

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    So this did not work for me either. Only about 75% of my contacts are on the cloud and i cant seem to get the rest on there. Things I have tried,


    Doing what gophigure said above


    Going to Mail, Contacts, Calendar and turning default to iCloud


    Went to my contacts app, went to groups, thats when i realized i had checkmarks next to an Exchange account and my college email as well as icloud. So that means some of my contacts are saved somewhere else. But how to i move them to the icloud account?

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    You could try an app such as Speed Names to move the contacts from your exchange account into the iCloud group.  (iCloud only syncs contacts in the iCloud group.)

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    i might resort to that randers4. however is there a way to even see which contacts are saved to which group? I would just do it manually if i knew exactly which contacts were saved to which one

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