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I recently signed up to sync my contacts and iCal with iCloud. I manually sync my Contacts and iCal using hte BlackBerry DesktopSoftware. Since around the time I activated iCloud, I do not see any new events on my Blackberry Curve 8320. Contacts sync fine. Also, the BB DesktopSoftware shows a calendar that I had created on the MacBook using BusyCal but has since been deleted and no longer shows on iCal.


I have spent hours with the BB Tech support (on Mac) and they have told me that it is a known issue with the Sync Server software on 10.7.4 when also using iCloud. They say this has been fixed in MacOS 10.8.


Anyone else has seen this issue and is there any other solution without having to upgrade to 10.8? I am perfectly fine with NOT using iCloud if that is what I have to do. I just want the manual sync to BB to work with iCal.


Is there a way to "reset" the Sync Server software to its original state?


Any help/ideas would be appreciated.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Since I don't have any definitive confirmation from Apple or BlackBerry on whether Mountain Lion will fix this or not, I simply deleted iCloud from my Mac and now everything syncs properly to the BlackBerry as expected.

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    I think I've got it!!


    I have a BB Bold and am operating OSX 10.8.


    After upgrading I lost all calendars on my BB. Today after putzing around I think I managed to resolve it.


    The "Desktop Manager" was asking for a writable calendar and I finally figured out how to add one so my BB syncs again.


    1)     Disconnect your mac from the internet.

    2)     Calendar > Preferences > Accounts. Disable "iCloud" and any other Accounts.

    3)     Add a new Calendar from the Pulldown menu. It show's up as an "on my Mac" calendar. Name it something that doesn't match any existiong cals.

    4)     Go back and "Enable" iCloud and other accounts.

    5)     Re-connect to the internet.


    This worked for me and my BB is synincing again.

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    Since I decided to upload my contacts to icloud I am no longer able to sync my BB to the contact list that has taken me 7 years to build!


    I am using a PC with windows 7 (64bit).


    I am very unhappy with apples draconian approach to penetrating the market. What gives. Sure upload my contacts to the cloud but leave them on my computer!!!


    Am continuing to search for an answer...

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    I don't have icloud loaded on my Mac, but I still have this problem between Mac and BlackBerry 9320. Strange thing is, contacts work properly.

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    Thank you. Did this and it worked perfectly! So glad to have my desktop and mobile synched again.

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    Same problem - ical not syncing to BB torch - now z10 a major issue!?


    Says there are "no writeable calendars"


    Tried solution above - chose mac mini as location for new calendar...shows option for 1 sec then ical put up error message "Calendar encountered a critical error while saving to the database,and recent changes may be lost. More information may be available in the console."


    Help please...