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  • swdpowell Level 1 Level 1

    Hello all. I've found a solution to this. It ain't pretty, but it's pretty easy and it's free!


    Download VirtualBox: and download the now free Windows XP (do a search). Create a virtual machone with XP as the guest machine, use the Core Audio, ICH AC97 as the soundcard, and off you go!

  • L_B_Jessen Level 1 Level 1

    You are right! This is'nt pretty
    If we seak help by using other OPsys and Windows apps, then vi should buy a PC in the first place.

    Apple need to se the big picture, that midi is needed in Safari and MAC. Thats it. Its just arrogant to say, don't us midi. Apple is big, but not that big. There will come interresting alternativs along the way!

  • Wannes Level 1 Level 1

    Mac OS 10.9 "Maverick": same problem, MIDI does still not play in Safari or FireFox. Apparantly, it's the "upgraded" Quicktime that is to blame. I wonder what secret strategy has banned the simple playback of MIDI-files out of Quicktime?


    To see the problem in FireFox

    > enter "about:plugins" as URL + Enter

    > QuickTime Plug-in 7.7.3  supports a lot of audio- and videoformats, but MIDI is no longer part of it.


    It's a shame.


    The only "solution" I came up with to make hundreds of MIDI-files readable again is generate MP3-files out of them, one by one, and replace the MIDI-files on the server + the hyperlinks on the websites.

    Very time-consuming and very absurd.

    And of course, the possibility to choose the playback sounds or instruments is no longer there for visitors of the websites.


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  • Wannes Level 1 Level 1

    (editing my own message is suddenly "not allowed")

    In Safari, when trying to play a MIDI-file, a message appears to say a plug-in is missing. It suggests to download it from  but this page no longer exists.



    Deze webpagina bevat materiaal waarvoor een internetplugin is vereist.

    Deze pagina bevat materiaal dat niet kan worden weergegeven, omdat het type niet gespecificeerd is. U kunt de plugin mogelijk downloaden en installeren via deze pagina:



    Wilt u de pagina openen?


  • cruttis Level 1 Level 1

    I do not think you are right, unfortunately, Apple's QT die is set, nothing will be forthcoming? According to a post on ars technica:


    "QTX is deprecated on Mavericks, and its successor, AV Foundation, does not allow for third-party codecs. Same goes for Image Compression Manager; deprecated in 10.8 in favor of the new Video Toolbox, which doesn't support third-party codecs either."



    QT7 apparently needed Rosetta to function. I don't know why it's Internet Plugin doesn't have 'the icon of cannot use,' or it's not been shoved into the 'Unused Folder,' or WE were not advised, but it no longer works on Lion/ML/Mavs. Ergo the, "Plugin needed" icon on embedded Midi files. On some Browsers I see this blank icon as a 'grinning-face,' maybe just my sad imagination..........

    Bear in mind Apples market-share @ 10% means 90% of world machines will still be able to hear one's Midi tracks.


    Sad but possibly true?


    Having spent some time on Mavericks on FW, and cloning to my internal drive, I am now cloning it back to Snow Leopard for compatibility with the other 90% of World machines that can play embedded midi tracks! I am also looking forward to my iMac 27" becoming an iOS junky in the future. (Cough!)

  • e^i*pi Level 1 Level 1

    This is ludicrous!


    Midi shouldn't be included in any codec wars. Surley the Logic-Pro team could have implemented an in-house midi plugin if Apple decided they wanted to remove all 3rd party codecs.


    I always wonder what features will be removed when I upgrade to a new version of OSX.

  • andyBall_uk Level 7 Level 7

    cruttis (a couple of posts above this) tried a suggestion that seems to work for two of us & is simple to remove in the event of problems.

  • RogerMac Level 1 Level 1

    Avoid plugin wars by switching to an open source operating system like Linux's Ubuntu

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    I'm now running OS X 10.10 Yosemite and Safari still does not play internet midi files. 

    I can get them to play in Firefox by having Firefox open one of my music transcription programs, Encore.  But this is an extremely clunky way to play an internet midi file.  One of the reasons I prefer Macs to Windows boxes is that Windows always seemed clunky. 

  • Darrell Reich Level 1 Level 1

    Flip4Mac (free download) will play the MIDI and Windows Media files outside of Safari. I downloaded the .mid file, did <Command>+i Get Info to change the Open With file associations for this file type.


    I didn't think play "shave and a haircut" MIDI on Wikipedia would be such a nerdy task discussing OS X Core Audio, Quick Time plugins, iTunes, GarageBand, VLC, browsers, HTML5.


    What would Steve Jobs do? (WWSJ) The feature used to work, fix it (don't care how), if the old QT plugin is gone, don't have Safari keep trying to open it. I cleared the history/cache and restarted Safari with no luck. There has to be a better solution than reformat hard drive and install a clean copy of OS X? Could the OS upgrade be remembering the plugin was there and needs to be unplugged some where?


    My Windows 7 and Umbunto Linux Parallels virtual machines play the file just fine from Firefox and IE. I shouldn't need two operating systems and multiple browsers to play a sound file or view a vector graphic on Wikipedia.


    Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.1 Safari 8.0.2

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