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  • richardk32 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I doubt this is a hardware specific problem, since the same thing is happening on my early 2008 iMac with a NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GS 512 MB video card.

    I don't have a Windows box to test the presentation on, but running the same presentation in Powerpoint 2008 on a Mac running 10.6 resolves the transtition artifacts. However all of the timings, especially the dissolve lengths between slides, are off in PP08, so all my careful work to make sure visuals and soundtrack are in sync is lost.

    Bringing it ito Keynote is eay, though some of the visual effects

  • steveg66 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I've just installed Service Pack 3 for MS Office for Mac 2011 and the transition effects problem seems to have disappeared. Can it be true?! Is it fixed finally?



  • danim1 Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)

    Sadly, it did not fix the problem for me. It does seem to behave a little better, but I can easily trigger the problem when transitioning from slide to slide where there are different full-screen images on each slide, or even where there are just different images in the lower third of the screen.


    I will be very interested to hear if others have good luck with the update, though.



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    Same problem.  I did not see this when using Lion on my MacBook Retina. Only now after an upgrade to Mountain Lion. I have instailled all the Microsoft Office updates but still the screen refresh errors in the bottom 1/4 of my screen after 3-4 transitions are there.


    Had to resort to removing all slide transitions--not an acceptable solution!


    So will others confirm:  Only Macs with NVIDIA graphics running PPT 2011 and Mtn. Lion, correct?



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    I can't say ONLY, but certainly in my case there's an NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GS 512MB involved, along wth PP11 and Mountain Lion. Reboot into 10.6 from a different drive on the same computer, and launch the exact same copy of PP11, and the problem goes away. Relaunch into 10.8 and the problem comes back.

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    This is odd. it only happens in version 2011. version 2008 it works perfectly fine. im scratching my head because our church updated to mountain lion and 2008 demanded to much ram on the new OS. went to Office 2011 and it uses less ram but this issue has instantly shot us back to using office 2008 version becuase we use power point as our slide shows on Sunday Service.


    so code works in 2008 but not 2011. it might be an issue with how microsoft wrote the code for lion/mountain lion. or it could be apple is blocking the correct component for this. but it is frustrating that it doesnt work after we paid a lot for this program.

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    *******   Office update: Mac 2011 14.3.1 *******


    I have Nvidia - see previous posts for config - and can confirm that the problem after update is still present. But noticed that after first updating the problem appeared to be gone.


    I wondered why and how I could reproduce NOT getting the fade problem.


    A. I first started rebooting my macbook and yes a reboot gives you around 5 clean fade presentations, after wich the problem returns.


    B. Then I tried quitting Powerpoint and restart, also around 2-5 of clean fade presentation and then the problem returns.


    C. Switch the "Slide size" to something else, e.g.


    4:3 to 16:9,

    or 16:9 to 16:10

    and even 16:9 to 4:3 and straight back to 16:9


    In most instances the fade problem is gone 2 clean fade presentations, but not always. Not sure what the correlation is, but switching the size back and forth seams to influence the fade bug on and off .




    Someone else able to reproduce my trials?


    (same post on MS forum)

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    It's interesting that, 6 months after the original report of this bug, there is no fix. I am running a MBP with a Retina display, OS 10.8.2, and the latest version of Microsoft Powerpoint (14.3.1). It took me hours to figure out that I am not crazy seeing bits and pieces of slides several away from the one I am currently working on showing up at the bottom during transitions. Very frustrating. I will hate to turn off transitions or use slides that have no text or images on the lower third of the slide, but that is what I will have to do when I cannot use Keynote. A bug fix is overdue.

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    In case it helps for Apple to hear about this again I have been experiencing the exact same issue in the exact same way as everyone else. PLEASE respond with a solution soon!!!!!

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    I don't know if they simply don't care or they don't want to respond...

    I gave up on transitions. 4 of 4 of my apple computers have the same problem from my old imac to my brand new imac and my retina macbook pro and older macbook pro.

    Wish they would at least acknowledge the problem exists.

    Customer service could use some shake up.


  • maximizor Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Maybe a dumb question:


    Does anyone know if Apple monitors these threads at all!?

    And if so, what is the official way to get this through to the right people?



    It seems that we are all complaining, but perhaps nobody is actually listening.....

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    It appears to be FIXED in the version of Microsoft Office released tonight (ver 14.3.2)!!

    I tested it on several presentations without problems.

    I am cautiously optimistic.

    Try it yourselves to confirm this so I know I am not dreaming....


    Steven Petak MD, JD

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    Sadly it is not fixed. To demonstrate the fault simply create a new presentation from one of the Microsoft sample templates (They all seem to use lots of different transitions). As you play the slideshow you'll quickly notice that there's a portion at the bottom of most slides that shows part of a previous slide during the transition animation.


    My faith in both Apple and Microsoft has been significantly affected by the length of time this fault has persisted.

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    Thanks for your update. As there are already conflicting views on whether this fix does indeed improve matters, please do let me know if you have continuing success with it. Much appreciated. I am yet to download my confidence in most updates has now been shattered!

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    I did the following: Used one of my known problem files devolped for the purpose of demontrating the problem (see prior posts) and tested it BEFORE and AFTER the update on TWO different computers. The problem occurred as expected on both computers PRIOR to the update and appears fixed after the update on multiple tries on both machines. Although this is not definitive proof it is fixed for everyone - it is very promising so far. I would very much like to see confirmation by others since there does seem to be some controversy over the fix. It may be it does not work in new as opposed to existing problem presentations or there may be other factors involved. If it is a PATCH rather than a FIX - then it may be leaking.... For me right now - it works.



    Steven Petak MD, JD