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I use PowerPoint 2011 on my MacBook Pro and after installing Mountain Lion yesterday I am having slide transition problems. A lot of my PowerPoint transitions don't work properly (despite Microsoft's assurance that MS Office was ready for Mountain Lion!). The bottom of the slides disappear while many of the 3-D and rotational transitions are happening. Very distracting. I installed the latest MS Office update. If you know of a fix or link to helpful articles, that would be much appreciated. Thanks! –Charlie

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion
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    I found the same problem with slides cutting off at the bottom and parts of prior slides showing up during transitions in PowerPoint - latest mac version with all updates. The problem occurs on my new retina display macbook pro with Mountain Lion AS WELL AS my older imac running the same powerpoint version and ppt files. This discussion is also going on on the MS website (see below discussion): int-2011-transitions-on-mountain-lion/41892328-3d27-418b-8679-8604282ac8e6

    Needs to be fixed! Part of my living is giving such presentations and this problem is a real issue for me and a distraction for audiences. It is a Mountain Lion/PowerPoint problem and not just a retina display issue. I just had a discussion by phone with Apple and they are aware of this. They are saying it is up to Microsoft to update PowerPoint - meaning that no one knows what is going on and putting the burden on each other is not likely going to fix the problem.

    Please help.....

    Steven Petak MD, JD


    Powerpoint 2011 transitions on Mountain Lion

    I use PowerPoint 2011 on my MacBook Pro and after installing Mountain Lion I am having slide transition issues. A lot of the transitions don't work properly. The bottom of the slides disappear while  many of the 3-D and rotational transitions are happening. Not only do the bottom of the slides disappear, others slide's bottoms shows through. Very distracting. I did make sure I had the latest Microsoft Office update installed (14.2.3)


    Can anyone help with this please?



    Robert  P.


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    Hey Alfiethecoder,


    Can you give us specifics about your slide show?
    • How is it saved
    • Has this happened before?
    • What device are you working with?
    • Upload a copy to account, and use the PowerPoint Web App to test the slide show, is it acting the same?
    Keep us posted. Thanks!
    Thanks for using Microsoft Answers!
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    Hi Robert,


    Thanks for the response. In answer to your queries:1. The file is saved from within Powerpoint 2011 as a PPTX file.2. This has never happened before we upgraded to Mountain Lion.3. The device is a brand new MacBook Pro 15" retina display, with Mountain Lion and Office 2011 revision When I upload the file to Skydrive and run a slideshow from there the file works fine.I have noticed that I'm not the only person experiencing this problem. See for example this description of exactly our problem from another user:,Andy
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    I have the same problem on a new MBP Retina Display running Mountain Lion and never had it before either.



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    I noted the same problem with the bottom portion of some slides cutting off and being replaced transiently with the bottom section of an earlier slide with advancing the slide. This is reproducible  across several presentations and seems to only occur with the upgrade to Mountain Lion. I have a retina display 15 inch with Mountain Lion that was first noted to have the problem, but the same problem occurs on my older iMac running Mountain Lion as well. I have the latest version of office for mac and no new updates are available. It was NOT present using the same presentations on earlier versions of OSX. I have video clips of the effect but it seems that others have noted the same problem..... This appears to be a Mountain Lion/PowerPoint issue rather than a retina display problem only.
    Would be happy to provide more information if needed.



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    Problem occurs in ppt and pptx formats of same file.

    No problem with same files opened with Keynote.


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    Yes...I have exactly the same issue...presentation slides in PP distorting at the botton of the screen is a transition issue. I have been forced to switch off all transitions which at least allows for a distortion-free presentation and is a very unfortunate temporary 'fix'.. Not sure if this is a screen-resolution issue on the new update. I am using a 2010 MacBook Air. Please can anyone advise

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    Right. Turning off the transitions is a fix until the real problem is addressed. In this discussion and the one at the Microsoft answers site on the same topic there is an amazing deafening silence from the development teams....


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    Used MacBook air with this problem today for a presentation. The problem does not manifest when connected to an external VGA projector. The issue is with Mountain Lion but it seems to point to the Display settings on the Macbook. As soon as the default settings were altered by the VGA being plugged in, the problem went away. Anyone help with this?

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    Hi Polanlyst, I tried your solution (connecting to a projector via VGA cable/DVI port) with my MacBook Pro and the problem did not go away. It showed up on the screen. So, it looks like we'll have to wait the ever silent Microsoft development team to offer some help or an update. A fix for me in the meantime was to go back into Time Machine and restore my system to using LION. Then PowerPoint runs fine.

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    Used LCD projector with my macbook pro retina display and the slide transition problem occurs on the computer screen AND the LCD projection. As noted before, this also happened with Mountain Lion on my 2009 imac running PowerPoint but not keynote. Removing the transitions removes the problem.... at least until it is FIXED.


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    You can see a screencast of the effect in Quicktime on: 

    top entry... click on demo line and again when the reply shows up and mov file will play it.


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    Just to confirm that your Quicktime example is identical to my problems so I appreciate you taking time to highlight this. What is surprising is the fact that very few users seem to be complaining here or elsewhere on the net so not too sure how widespread this issue is!

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    I think the reason for low reporting is that the problelm only occurs if transitions are used (many people don't use transitions) AND the image must be at the lower edge of the slide. If the image is above the very bottom stripe - it does not seem to be a problem. In addition, the slide bottom stripe problem occurs several slides later. is very transient, and therefore may not rise to the level of a repotable problem for many. Many people don't know how to find or use these reporting tools. You have to find the right google words to track down these discussions otherwise they are buried. Regardless, it is real and represents a defect. I can simply not use transitions or not have my images go to the bottom of the slide - but it would be best if it is recognized as a problem and corrected. It could indicate deeper problems.... Anyway - it does not look like it is a high priority item for Apple or Microsoft. Oh well. There is some interest on the Microsoft answers forum as well but still not many have noted the problem: int-2011-transitions-on-mountain-lion/41892328-3d27-418b-8679-8604282ac8e6



    Steven Petak MD, JD

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    Indeed Steven...thanks for your response. I am a professional speaker and naturally rely on images and graphics for my work! Will keep positing here to keep the issue alive! I do note that some users are reporting screen flickering since ML was loaded so this might be related in some way.



    Cape Town, South Africa

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    You can NOW DOWNLOAD a sample problem presentation here using - I tested it and the downloaded file (but not the preview online) shows the problem:

    The file name is: 995985_test ppt problem.pptx

    When you reach slide 9 go backwards to see the problem with the daisy in some slides..... weird.




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    posted same at MS, it's a bug between Mountain Lion AND Powerpoint. You guys should put your heads together. The whole reason using a MAC in the creative world is for a big part presenting. Using powerpoint means cross plarform compatibility. Having the latest OS, should be about enjoyment not ignored bugs






    exact same problems MBP 16GB 15" Mountain Lion Retina. Bugs occurred straight a way, unboxed MBP installed Office, run updates. Problems at bottum with transitions using Powerpoint.


    I did notice when I used a VGA output screen at a customer, the bug was non present. When using my normal screens (full HD using HDMI port), it is.


    Feels like something going wrong with image buffering, and addressing the wrong memory blocks when using transitions. Yeah I'm a technical noob so excuse the obvious flaws in my reasoning, but still. Definitely looks like some native Apple lowlevel graphic functions are called in Powerpoint Mac, that mis address the correct graphic memory when using multiple pages and graphics + Mountain Lion.


    BTW same MBP using bootcamp/W7, has NO problem with the exact same PPTX. MBP with Lion NO problem with exact same PPTX.


    And as stated before, nobody knows to even exactly address the problem in Google. This was my second attempt to find a similar thread. To be honest I'm just happy not being the only one :).



    Please fix,


    regards Max

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    I am having the same issues with transitions not rendering correctly in slide show mode.  Don't want to reiterate what has already been posted, but just wanted to be sure and report I've seen this issue on my MBP running Mountain Lion.  It is also occuring on several other of my colleague's systems running Mountain Lion.  I am NOT having the same issue on machines running Lion.   I also connect my computers to external monitors/projectors and the issue does not go away on the secondary screens.


    Hopefully, if enough us continue to report the bug, Microsoft and/or Apple can provide a fix!!

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