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Folks, really need some help here, being forced to revert to Blackberry Bold 9000 because of issues with Outlook Calendar sync since 5.1.1 upgrade on both my iPhone & iPad.  Our company Enterprise Active Sync server is 2003 (please don't mention upgrade - already a seperate conversation byt all costs).


email sync's fine on both devices, plus i can continue to use both iCloud accounts, and BT yahoo mail etc !


national holidays set up in Outlook calendar come across, as does some calendar items, but then falls into a resync mode with nothing staying in the device, i can also see and read calendar invites, but once accepted, they disappear !


Searching the internet suggests I'm not alone with this issue - any ideas welcome, seems not to be a problem on os 4 !!!  but A) I don't know how to regress and B) why should I ?


Many thanks in advance, please don't make me go back to a BB !!!


Finally, I've been using the devices without issue for nearly 2 years - so again it's linked to 5.1.1. upgrade !

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1