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Folks, really need some help here, being forced to revert to Blackberry Bold 9000 because of issues with Outlook Calendar sync since 5.1.1 upgrade on both my iPhone & iPad.  Our company Enterprise Active Sync server is 2003 (please don't mention upgrade - already a seperate conversation byt all costs).


email sync's fine on both devices, plus i can continue to use both iCloud accounts, and BT yahoo mail etc !


national holidays set up in Outlook calendar come across, as does some calendar items, but then falls into a resync mode with nothing staying in the device, i can also see and read calendar invites, but once accepted, they disappear !


Searching the internet suggests I'm not alone with this issue - any ideas welcome, seems not to be a problem on os 4 !!!  but A) I don't know how to regress and B) why should I ?


Many thanks in advance, please don't make me go back to a BB !!!


Finally, I've been using the devices without issue for nearly 2 years - so again it's linked to 5.1.1. upgrade !

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1
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    Unfortunately, there's no good answer without using the "U" word in reference to your Exchange Server.  Mainstream Support for Exchange 2003 ended 4/14/2009. Extended support is available from Microsoft until 4/8/2014, but the way ActiveSync functions was changed with the advent of Exchange 2007 and again with 2010. Apple simply had to keep up with things.


    The BB generally doesn't sync directly with Exchange.  They insert their service in the middle, which takes care of things like this.

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    Hi Tim


    Firstly, apologies for the slow response to your very quick reply !


    I've checked back, we're using Exchange 2007.


    We've actually got a ticket open with Apple at present, so anticipate that a patch may be available.


    It is still curious though that out of a 200 user community trialling our internal iPhone & iPad pilot, we only have 2 issues (mine and a colleagues), however anticipate that there will be more issues as nearly entire community is on 5.1.1.


    On a second point, any ideas how one can rollback to 4.3.3 on an iPhone or iPad ?  I can't find anything that implies a self rollback without jail breaking the device ?


    Thanks again for the help.



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    You can not rollback to a previous version of iOS. There is no way to do so without voiding the warranty and forfieting your righs to service and support.

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    Hi Tim


    Kind of expected that response !


    I actually don't want to do that either, I have other apps etc that are tuned to 5.1.1 !


    Again, thanks for speed of response.