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    There is no Power Nap option on an iMac!

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    I stated this workaround months ago... reality is that if we paid for a top of the line laptop with all the bells and whistles (read Powernap) we should not have to disable this feature simply to get email sounds to work properly!!!


    Apple needs to FIX THIS.



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    sudo and place the file into /System/Library/Sounds - right next to Basso, Bottle, Frog, Glass, and so forh


    Do not attempt unless you are comfortable with Unix commands



    To add a custom sound, here is what seems to be working for me on 10.8.3


    This solution was used only after various others failed. 


    (I don't think that I have seen mention of part 2 of this solution, but maybe I missed it in this long thread; if so, apologies)


    1. download mumble.wav, open it with iTunes, convert to aif

    • itunes/preferences/general/when insert CD/import settings...
    • Select: import using aif
    • right click the track, create aif version


    2. in a terminal window (do not attempt this unless you are familiar with unix/linux syntax)


    mkdir tmpdir

    cp ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes\ Music/Music/mumble/mumble/mumble/mumble*aif  tmpdir

    cd tmpdir

    ls -l

    xattr -c *

    ls -l

    for f in *aif ; do mv $f ${f}f ; done


    The above series of commands copies the aif files to a temporary directory and removes extended attributes.

    The 'for' loop changes the extension .aif to .aiff


    I also got rid of all spaces in filenames, and made them shorter.  For example:


    mv 86478__epanody__epanody-youve-got-some-serious-problems\ 1.aif Problems.aiff


    Then the following privileged step.  Warning: I take no responsiblity if you sudo your laptop into a pumpkin


    sudo bash

    cd /System/Library/Sounds

    cp /Users/mumble/tmpdir/*aiff .


    Finally, as needed, use chown, chgrp, chmod to ensure that permissions of the new file match existing.


    3. Restart mail




    So far, at least, my laptop remains unpumpkined.  And, when editing rules, I see sound choices such as the attached.



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    Good News.


    The updated GrowlMail 1.3.8 (Free), an extestion to Mail, was released less than a month ago, and it works.


    When I instaled it, the delay of the notice alert was fixed. It does not mean that the internal problem of the Mail itself is gone, but as far as "annoyance" level is concerned, it is much better . . . Phew!


    The plugIn seems to just dissappear into the Mail app, and you just need to set up with Mail [Preferrance]>General, and that is it. Now the sound and the banner are syncronized.


    I still sent a feedback to Apple so that they may fix the problem in the future. I heard that the techs do not monitor the forum, so we need to send feedback if we want something fixed. But, until they do, this plug-In may save your day . . .


    Hope this will work for you too . . .

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    I just reaized that rthere is an arrow " >>" on the right end of the tool bar of Mail > [Preferrance], and when you touch it with the curser, they will be a Growl logo pop up. Then click it, and you will have a few settings of your choice there.

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    The problem of random delay in playing of Mail sounds has evolved. Rather than only a random delay, now there is random mulltiple sounds. For example. a sound plays 10 minutes after the email is received. Then pays again 2 hours later but no new email triggers it. It just plays twice.

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    worked for me! thank you!

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