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In Aperture 3.3.2, with Mountain Lion I am using iCloud an the Photo Stream. Aperture has started adding empty Projects representing prior months from the Photo Stream. I can delete the Projects and when Aperture restarts, the Projects return. Any thoughts?

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    I had same issue and deleted the empty projects. They returned with greater numbers. I just closed aperture and the photo stream bug which turns it self off actually helped me, when it turned itself off I did not have issue. Now when I turn photo stream back on, no more empty projects.

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    Thanks DocB79. I'm not familiar with the Photo Stream bug you refer to, will look it up. But, I've done the delete of empty Projects, and they insist on coming back at any point I relaunch Aperture.


    I'm assuming I could solve the problem by turning off Photo Stream in Aperture then enabling it again, but I don't feel like I understand yet the consequences of doing that.

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    Afaik, these projects will only be created, if you enable the automatic import from the Photo Stream. If you enable the Photo Stream, but turn off "Automactic import" and import manually by dragging from the "Photo Stream", no projects should be crated. This will have the added bonus, that you can select, what you want to import from the Photo Stream.

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    LeonieDF, I gave you credit because this in fact did solve the problem. Only thing is I really wanted the automatic Projects capability. The past couple days I tried various strategies to eliminate the problem and with auto projects on I still kept getting various empty projects. It all worked fine until about 3 weeks ago. Not sure what confluence of events caused the problem but I'm moving on.

    Thanks, Bob

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    Thanks for the green mark, Bob. I appreciate it.


    I wish I knew a solution that worked with automatic import. But it is highly erratic. One problem seems to be, is that Aperture recreates projects that I deleted long ago, if one of my other devices adds images to the PhotoStream again that originally came from the deleted projects. It is so random, that I turned automatic import off.

    And frankly, nine out of 10 images that get automatically added to my stream are images that I do not want on either of my devices, so it saves a lot of work not to be forced to delete them, after an automatic download.


    Have you looked at the iCloud forum? Perhaps you find a solution there?




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    I'm heading there now, Léonie, will report back here with a link or two if there's anything worthy.