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Why do Apple do this to us? They did it when they release Lion (Broke Parental Controls), now they've done it again.


First off, they've broken the time limits - if you have a bedtime set up AND a time limit, the time limits are ignored. You need to clear the bedtimes to make it work.


Now I've just found that they've stuffed the web filters too - I have an account for my oldest kid that merely had time limits set on it, and no website filtering. With this setup, we can't get to youtube.com.


If I go into the settings and clear her Parental Controls, youtube.com works absolutely fine.


If I re-enable Parental Controls and ONLY set a time limit, youtube.com no longer works despite 'Allow unrestricted access to websites' being selected.


Has anyone any ideas? Theres NO record in the logs of any websites being blocked, YouTube simply presents an empty page. How can I diagnose what's going on?

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion, 27" i5