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    That's not quite true, PC-fanboy. I have been using PCs all my life and still am, and also use stuff not made by Apple. I believe a lot of people here are in the same position as I am. Don't be surprise if you see myself or others here also writing/asking/contributing in PC blogs much as we do here! This is an Apple discussion site so, of course, one behaves as though one is a 'fanboy'. I like Apple stuff for the quality of the products I pay a premium for and the fact that it works much better than what I pay for a PC. But I wouldn't go so far as calling myself a fanboy - I'm just not the type (to put it mildly) to line up for a product launch! Remember, the premium you pay for a Mac actually comes back to you when you are ready to sell it - in short, Macs fetch a higher resale value than PCs. So the market sees the value in Apple machines and therefore, prices it accordingly. It's no illussion when it comes to the all-knowing computer (Macs, PCs, etc) marketplace!


    I switched to the Mac maybe about 3 years ago. I still use the PC about 70% of the time so people like me are in a good positiong to make comparisons and comment. Apple's Mac OS just works better for life stuff like managing contacts, calendars, and a whole lot of other stuff. And it's a smarter operating system that thinks for you, which you will find out the more you use it. My gf didn't appreciate it at first, she said it was limited in functions, etc but when I showed her it is executed in a different and better way, she appreciates it. It was just that she's worked on PCs so much that it's hard for her to switch sometimes.


    And, please, don't bother buying those Mac OS manuals which tells you only basic stuff. Discussions here (there are myriads out there!) like these are the best places to learn real things a Mac can do that you can be proud and happy about. My impression is that you seem to be giving up but haven't scratched the surface. Give it time and passion. We all went through it. I made the switch after PC's driver conflicts, crashes, progressively slowing down (this doesn't happen on a Mac), virus and malware attacks (never happened to me and I don't install anti virus, etc whatsoever), softwares not working on PCs (different from Apple where software and hardware are developed hand in hand). So a lot of benefits I see in the Mac over the PC. There are a thousand discussions of what I had written about the good things over the PC, just google for it and read/decide for yourself instead of googling for things such as 'PC better than Mac always'. Don't be biased. You will realise you will be doing yourself a favour by reading both sides of the story in fairness!

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    Please, everybody, stop feeding the PC troll. That's all off-topic. Thanks.

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    I had a iMac for three years and the white plastic laptop yes I was brainwash buy the flash apple ad adverts. I build my computer and its cheaper and 3 times as fast as the power mac but I have Linux so I have freedom yes I have  used windows windows 7 as well. A friend of mine wanted a Apple Mac I said don't bother it's overprice for less hardware he so I build him on then put a hackintose on it 

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    Good on you, mate. Not sure why you need to have that much power when PCs or Macs nowadays (or even two years ago) have more than enough power to run nuclear station so to speak!


    Well, we don't get brainwashed easily by Apple's flashy ads (i never thought they were flashy, btw) nor do we get brainwashed by all the high specs and power in plastic laptops/desktops that PCs have. Apple never aimed to be the first or the most powerful, but just to be better simply.


    If you're into power for hardcore teenage gaming or whatever, then fine, good for you but don't get the wrong idea that Apple machines are not capable - a lot of companies use Apple machines to support their business.

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    6.      Apple     2371 up, 1022 down

    A horrendous company that has somehow managed to stay afloat for years and appeal to a mass of misguided people. They specialize in taking existing technology, making it all shiny and fancy looking, and re-selling it for double the price. Ironically, their slogan is "Think Different".


    Their latest and greatest gadget that's getting all the attention is, of course, the iPhone, which is basically comparable to any high-quality $150 phone, except it has "innovative" touch screen technology, and it sells for $600.


    Apple couldn't quite figure out how to make an operating system, so they just stole the freeBSD kernel and repackaged a bastardized version of it as Mac OS X. It's funny that Apple brags that it's "Unix-based", since no one with experience in Unix would ever use a Mac.


    Apple frequently runs "clever" ads. Although they've made a ton of them, all the ads boil down to how Windows has viruses and crashes all the time. Apple also have an enormous, cult-like fanbase that like to remind us of these things every five seconds. Apple fanboys are generally smug, annoying, and arrogant, despite the fact that most of them don't know jack **** about computers.

    Apple Fanboy: "M$ is teh ***0r! Apple pwns!"


    Windows User: "Windows has a wide selection of software and games, and a huge developer community."




    Windows User: "My OS hasn't crashed since I had Windows ME. And AVG is a free program that keeps my computer secure."


    Apple Fanboy: "BUT WINDOZE SUXX!"


    Windows User: "Would you care to tell me about your Mac? I hear it doesn't have many tools for software developers, which are important for my work."


    Apple Fanboy: "lolololol but windows *****!!!11"


    Windows User: "Did you know that a great amout of Apple software is made with Microsoft Visual C++?"


    Apple Fanboy: "omg *** is C++?"

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    Hi All,


    I realy have enough from this discussion. Our main blog was about numbers and the heating problem. Stop with your Mac and Windows desriptions. Everybody here knows what is Windows and what is Mac. When used correctly both are OK, but I think, here is a Mac forum?



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    Jackrussell and frenemies: Please. Stop. Everything you post here is copied to everyone on the thread. 99% of us just want to solve a specfic computer problem, not endlessly debate whether Hulk can defeat Superman. Please.

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    Much agreed, Stefanradev. Our little friend Jackrussell dog just keeps coming back with copy and pastes. Speaking of copy and pastes, ... my goodness.. I give you the hand, Jackrussell dog. Anybody can trawl the Net searching for what they want to substantiate but we don't do it because we're matured adults here.  Well, with that last giant paste, I think.. that should be his 'last hurrah' so we should not be hearing from this kid.


    To make sure the kid understands:

    Jacrussell dog, you're barking up the wrong tree, kid. Unless you tell us what you're trying to achieve here with all your crap, leave us alone and get on with your life without an Apple product as you so passionately want to. But do remember us fondly should you (or your kids! ) buy any Apple product! ;D

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    As I said I had a iMac and a MacBook the white plastic one. Are you capable of building a PC you can't Evernote up grade a mac I got sucked in by apple god I used numbers and I work that was rubbish I used all three OpenOffice as well. I go a very good friend who is a software engerner   He worked on the airbus a380 and also in the space inderstrey. I do get your point but I have used macs and my friend bought the mac mine to developed I apps and that was limited I glad i got rid of my macs apple is a evil compan and all you fanboys can't see it. He not a mac fan as well I used to like them but they are limited. I do know a lot about programming and building them and yes I'm am dyslexic

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    Dear Jackrussel,


    You don't need this forum. I se, you have a lot of troubles which are not Apple or Mac oriented. Who cares about your friends in the airspace industry? And who not? Is not our problem, but it is your's. A big one. PROBLEM. Try your best and maybe you can solve your problems. Unforunately, we cannot help.


    Best regards,



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    Thank you Steve!


    I don't know, but how we contact the moderator here. I thibk that jackrussel is inadequate in the last 2 days and is destroying not only the reputaion of the brand. He is destroying one of th eright chanells to be helpful each other in any circumstance.

    So, I have enough of dogs.


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    Each post has a "Report Post" link in the lower right corner of the box. That goes to the moderators.



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    Why, Jackrussell dog, I have built many a PCs in my lifetime and still enjoy and appreciate the various specs of all computers, be they Mac or PC. Most people here would probably have had the same experience as I do. And our conclusion is that Macs are great computers that are here to stay (way further than PCs, if I may add! ;D)


    I don't think we care any more or less, in this forum, of your friends in the space industry, flies the A380, or even if you are the President or the Queen!


    And being a Dyslexic does not give you the right to our mercy for you to write your unconstructive opinions into this forum for people to report and discuss Apple issues. You have been behaving like a kid so we shall think of you and, therefore, treat you like one, kiddo!


    Again, do remember us fondly should you (or your kids! ) later buy any Apple product! ;D


    Guys, what happens once the Report Post link is clicked? Btw, I don't see this link though..


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    Thank you Jerry!


    I really use the forum not so often because of time. Hard times!



  • stefanradev Level 1 (0 points)



    I can't access this "report Post" link in the lower right corner. Am I so stupid today?

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