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A friend gave me a Imac G5 and I think it is missing Ilife from it cause I don't see iPhoto, iMovie and iDVD and

I don't have the DVD that comes with this Imac G5 so is the best way to have the Ilife back


iMac, Mac OS X (10.5)
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    A more recent version may work on your iMac G5 (depending on OS version, RAM, and CPU speed).  Take a look at these system requirements for iLife.


    http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2675 <- iLife 06

    http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1010 <- iLife 08

    http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3876 <-  iLife 09


    If you search Amazon on "ilife old version," there are listings for older versions.

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    Hey thanks, how do I know that my iMac G5 has iMovie HD 6 requires Quartz Extreme-compatible graphics cards ??

    all other requirements are OK for iLife 06,, but I am thinking for iLife 05

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    This update document for iMovie HD 6 has more details and says that a G5 Mac is compatible




    and if you are running Leopard (10.5), you must meet the RAM requirement.


    Also, "Quartz Extreme is required for iMovie motion themes, real-time effects, and the Ken Burns Effect."  That means those particular features require Quartz Extreme to be enabled.


    This article explains how to tell of if your Mac is using Quartz Extreme.



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    Thanks for reply..

    I think I will look for a iLife 05 disc to get those back..

    oh yes one more experience, it is not good with videos, is it normal or have something to upgrade or something else???

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    is it normal or have something to upgrade or something else???

    I don't understand the question...


    A version of iLife came bundled with your iMac, pre-installed and on one of the gray discs.  But Apple also sold the iLife suite separately, so that people with Macs meeting system requirements could upgrade to a newer version when they were released. 

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    Hi, I already bought a iLife 05 dvd from ebay and it successfuly install in my this iMac and system ask me for

    update the softwares and I did, but after it want restart and but before shuting down these was a downloading scrip or something it stuck for more 4 hours at blue line in the half way.

    I pushed power button for shutdown, but when I turn it back on I see tthe attached thing and now helpless.

    If you have some idea please help thanksPhoto on 2012-08-07 at 16.48.jpg

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    BSD process name corresponding to current thread: Unknown

    panic: we are hanging here....


    This is the last two lines.

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    I would try resetting PRAM




    and if that does not help, follow this procedure to reset SMU (power management)




    If that does not help either, see if you can start up in Safe Mode



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    I tried all of the ways you said, but does not worked. What ever I do, this message come out any way and no where to go or nothing to do.

    Any more advice my friend..

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    You can test to see if this is a general problem related to hardware, or something that is related to your current system.  Since the occurrence coincided with installing software, it seems more likely that the problem is the system, not hardware.


    Insert your Mac OS X installation disc for the currently installed release, so I guess that would be Leopard.  Start up with the C key held down, to force startup from the optical drive.  If that gets you to the Installer screen, then your hardware is probably OK, and there is a problem with your current system on the hard drive.  It is possible that there is a hardware problem on the hard drive, which is causing the problem with the system.


    From the Installer screen, go up to the menu bar.  Under Utilities, run Disk Utility.  Select the internal hard drive volume (usually "Macintosh HD") in the sidebar (assuming it appears there), and go the First Aid tab.  Run Verify Disk to see if any data corruption errors are reported.  If there are errors, you can try running Repair Disk.


    If errors are found that Repair Disk fixes successfully, you are quit Disk Utility and try starting up normally, to see if there is improvement.

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    Hi thanks I did the possible steps you said but it is still there so better I will stay back with my MBP again.

    If good chance come I will get new iMac. Any way thanks for your  help.

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    Hi this me again, this is 1:10 am in the morning and I am at 5th Ave apple store,

    They hooked up with their few drives but doesn't work, but luckily I brought my leopard DVD

    With me and they installed it with holding down the option key and it boot back again as reinstalling.

    Ok hope it will work again...