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Hello - I have photostream checked 'on' on my iphone 4s, I also set up icloud and downloaded the icloud control panel on my pc (windows 7). I have a photostream folder on my iphone where my photos go to (aside from my camera roll), but my photostream folder on my PC has nothing! How do I get them to sync? I have tried reinstalling the control panel, and I am connected to a wi-fi.


Where else do iphone pics save too? I tried to back up to Itunes but my pics aren't there.

iPhone 4S, Windows 7
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    Copied from: iCloud: Photo Stream FAQ

    When do my photos upload to Photo Stream?

    When you enable Photo Stream on your devices, all new photos you take or import to those devices will be automatically added to your Photo Stream.

    On an iOS device, new photos you take will be automatically uploaded to your Photo Stream when you leave the Camera app and are connected to Wi-Fi. Note: Photo Stream does not push photos over cellular connections.

    On your Mac, any new photos you import to iPhoto or Aperture will begin uploading automatically when you have a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. Or, you can change your iPhoto or Aperture preferences so that only photos you drag to Photo Stream are uploaded.

    On a PC, simply drag photos to the designated Photo Stream upload folder. By default, this folder is located atC:\Users\Apple\Pictures\Photo Stream\Uploads. You can change this location by visiting Photo Stream Options in the iCloud Control Panel for Windows.

    Transferring photos without iCloud to your PC is described here:

    iOS: Importing personal photos and videos from iOS devices to your computer


    iTunes saves the photos from the camera roll inside the backup, but you can't edit, save or view them from within the backup.

    iTunes: About iOS backups


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    I have read all of this. It isn't helping my issue. The photostream folder on my computer still has 0 photos in it. On top of that my phone won't back up to icloud. These features are causing more frustration then good!! But thanks

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    mine is exactly the same now - used to work fine, now doesn't

    VERY frustrating !!


    i have tried to uncheck the 'read only' box on PhotoStream 'properties' on my windows7 laptop, but it just puts itself back all the time


    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh :-(