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I like the fullscreen mode of many applications in (Mountain) Lion, but not how it is implemented in Aperture. In other applications full functionality is available in fullscreen mode, but not in Aperture. Next to editing photos, I work a lot with geotagging them (setting location) but this does not seem to be possible in Apertures fullscreen mode. I have to switch back to the traditional screen. What makes it extra irritating is that Apple has made the switching process from fullcreen to traditional an animated one, which slows it down.


What could be the reason Apple did not put geotagging functionality in fullscreen mode?




Aperture 3, OS X Mountain Lion, Aperture 3.3.2
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    Koen van Dijken wrote:


    What could be the reason Apple did not put geotagging functionality in fullscreen mode?

    Hi Koen,


    I don't think anyone who knows can comment, though it's easy to speculate about rendering the Google maps page inside the full-screen Aperture interface.


    Aperture and OS X are doing a full-screen two-step to songs with different beats.  I expect them to dance to the same meter at some point, but we aren't there yet.  The view from the balcony -- poor couple! -- shows that we're not likely to get there soon.


    I've always preferred Aperture in full-screen mode (since I started using Aperture, right when 3.0 was released), but I never use it for work, as it has always been prone to tripping over it's own two feet at inopportune moments.  I had high hopes for a complete synthesis with Mountain Lion, but as you can see from the Discussions here -- your question among them -- this has not happened.  I still avoid full-screen mode when I'm working, though somewhere on my Aperture list is to look into ways to get it to pirouette effectively on the "big screen".



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    OT: Twostep? More like "The birth of the blues"