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  • NGLDF Level 1 (10 points)

    Still getting the same error reading the config with 5.6.1 as I did with 6.1. But atleast 5.6.1 manages to find my dev.

    I downloaded the windows version and used that with win 7. That worked.

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    THIS SOLVED IT FOR ME ! And really easy. This is an automator workflow (created by Frank Tisellano) that does the job described by Doug with the result being the prior Airport Utility, which he aptly named "Old Airport Utility". This utility is created even with the same AU icon and all you need to do is drag it into the Utilities Folder (Mac HD/App/Utilities).  Awesome.  I decided to change the name to "Airport Utility 5.6.1 for Mount Lion...."

    Thanks Aribibi for posting this link.


    Me:  MacBook Air 12C3006, OS 10.8.2, with Airport Express 802.11g.

  • Baba Level 1 (40 points)

    It is daunting for anyone not familiar with Terminal to instantly become adventuresome. I use it occassionally when needed, but Pacifist does the job for this quickly and efficiently. Just DL Pacifist (shareware $20) but free for use with a 10 second delay. Drop the Airport Utility pkg on the Pacifist window (authenticate) and drag the APU to your Utilities folder (rename so it doesn't ask to replace APU 6)


    I agree that people should learn to use Terminal.

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    I have a question, I am not familiar with all this so pardon my stupidity. I have the old Airport Extreme (from 2007, probably time for a new one). If I do all this an put the old utility on my brand new iMac, are they easy to get rid of if I buy the new Airport Extreme/Express?


    Everything is working fine, so I don't really need to access it. The only thing is obviously the utility on Mountain Lion isn't recognizing my old equipment as you stated. I guess I just don't want to complicate things.


    Also, if I were to buy a new Apple router. I am trying to figure out if I really need the Extreme again or if the NEW Express will do what I need?


    What is the range on the Extreme/Time Capsule vs. the Express?


    Also, any major differences other than the audio jack (which would be nice since my router is by my TV/Stereo)?


    Lastly, is the speed different on the Extreme vs. the Express? I want it to be as fast as my Time Warner will let it be.


    Thanks for helping a newbie out.

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    Thanks Douglas for making it possible to use my very old Airport Extreme and Airport Express extensions.  I recently upgraded to Mountain Lion and although it ran on my existing network I couldn't reconfigure it.  Mountain Lion was sluggishly running on the newest Express.  At the end of it all the 5.6.1 utility file would not go into the Utilities folder saying that folder could not be modified. It remained in the tmp file until i dragged it to Applications. It seems to work and I'm elated by this small victory. 

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    This is perfect! Thank you!

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    Setting up airport express(es) for airplay. This was a lifesaver. Thanks!

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  • Pacific Storm Level 1 (0 points)



    Thanks! That worked perfectly; GateKeeper wouldn't let me install the AppleScript at first.

    After adjusting my download settings, it took less than a minute to unwrap & install.


    Again, thank you ever so much. My life is perfect again!

    (PS: I tried to reply earlier just to say "Thanks" but my post disappeared)

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    I dropped the airportutilitypkg icon on the pacifist icon and received the following error:


    Sorry, one or more of the following command-line tools was not found:


    /usr/bin/lsbom, /bin/pax, /bin/mkdir, /bin/chmod, or /usr/bin/update_prebinding.


    These tools are required to run this program. Check to see that they are all present on your system.



    What am I doing wrong?

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    Thanks for the tip.  The Unpkg app worked where Pacifist gave an 'error'.

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    Attempted to reconfigure Airport base station for the first time.  Process never completed and Base Station became invisible.  Ran Network Diagnostics and new network name was found and connected.  Within 30 seconds network became invisible as signal was dropped.  Ran Network Diagnostics again and newly named network failed to appear. 


    Performed hard restart of base station and now I have the default network that's working for the moment.  Airport Base Station is the very first 'Extreme' model (white flying saucer with chrome apple).


    All comments appreciated.



    New Update:


    Never quit trying.  Went back to 5.6.1 configuration window, reentered setup info and unit restarted properly with new info.

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    If anyone is having issues with extracting v5.6 (or v5.6.1), here is an easier alternative (that doesn't require any work in Terminal): on/.

  • EmersonOlvieira Level 1 (0 points)

    Use pacifist software.. works great. here is the website

    easy to use and free for the first time. Check it out.

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    Douglas: THANKS! for taking your time to post this Terminal routine. First time Terminal user too. :-)