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How to remove FaceTime from iPad

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1
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    It is generally advised not to remove this application from the i Pad.  It could result in system malfunctions and spurious problems.  My recommendation is to just leave it there and not use it.  Plus, it is not easy to do.

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    But I am not able to use the face time  then what is the solution

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    Why are you not able to use FaceTime?

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    Me too is having problem with facetime,it started when i was watching on my iswifter browser, then someone call on facetime, when i tried to answer it,it was working fine,but after a connection lost,i tried calling my friend again, and suddenly it wasn't working anymore, i call a lot of times but she said there is no call in her ipad,nobody is recieving my call on facetime since then,and also i cant recieve any from them,everytime i place a call,i cant here it ringing, but after maybe 50seconds i can here to sound tot-tot then the facetime will have a display of connection lost call back!  I tried everything possible to fix it,even reset my network connection,change apple id,mute un mute,force stop... Turn on turn off facetime but nothing is change,until this very moment im still looking for answers!! I was looking for answers how do i uninstall it and then install it again mybe it'll work!!