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I have not yet upgraded to Mountain Lion. I'm still on 10.7 Howevever today I upgraded iWork to 9.2 from my existing version iWork '09 The download was successful and then I launced the 9.2 installer. This installed okay and I received the last message "Installation Successful" accompanied by the green check mark. But...when I launched the aps (Pages, Keynote and Numbers) and clicked on about e.g. Pages it was showing me still '09 and the version 4.2

Can someone please shed any light on this situation. I checked Applications and I do have an iwork '09 folder containing all three applications.

Thank you

Patricia Hansen

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    The version numbers of the individual applications aren't the same as the version of the bundle. For some reason, iWork 09 was renumbered to iWork 9.0.



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    Thanks for your response Niel, but I'm still confused. Are you saying that what I downloaded today (iWork 9.2) actually did update my existing version although the version numbers didn't change. This being the case, there must be only "under the hood" unseen changes as the versions I have remain identical to what they've always been.

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    The iWork 9.2 installer installs version 4.2 of Pages 09. The previous version was 4.1.



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    Thanks Niel, I think I understand a little better now. Why I'm still a bit confused is this: I've had iWork '09 on my machine for  a year or so, Pages being version 4.2.  What started me on this journey was because I saw a notification (July 25 2012) that iWork 9.2 was available for download. I assumed from this that this was a brand new update and thus why I downloaded it. So I'm surprised that what I downloaded I already have exactly the same version on my machine already. Given that, I wonder why this download today didn't tell me that it was already installed instead of running through the install proceedure thereby confusing me.


    Also, since installing iWork '09 I've never had software updater ask to install a new version. This would indicate along with the points raised above, that 4.2 is the latest version which has been around for at least as long as I have had it.


    Also, I guess the reason why I'm not seeing any changes in the iWorks apps is because I have not yet upgraded to Mountain Lion. Am I correct in thinking this. I've been concerned about upgrading to Moutain Lion just yet, waiting for it to settle in, but is this a needless worry and I should now download ML? It was mentioned to me that Safari is having some problems with ML. Have you heard or seen this?

    I very much appreciate you help and advice.


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    Pages in iWork '09 is version 4. With the iWork '09 updaters Apple has made them a single updater for the whole suite therefore giving them names like iWork 9.0.4 or 9.1 rather than individual updaters for each app as in previous versions. The latest is 9.2 & is solely for those running iWork '09 apps in Mountain Lion. 9.1 came out a year ago & added support for Lion. iWork apps updated with 9.1 did work in Snow Leopard although there really wasn't any benefit.



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    Caution is always a wise policy, especially if you are experimenting with your work set-up.


    My policy is to try new OSes along with my standard software suite on a separate external hard drive. That way I can still go back to a set-up which works.


    Unless there is something truly compelling with ML, wait till most of the bugs are sorted out, usually by v10.8.3.