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I have a Mac Mini with OS X Mountain Lion connected to an HDTV through a receiver via HDMI. I have my resolution set to 1080p, but when I cycle power on the receiver, the resolution in Mountain Lion always resets to 1080i, which is blurry and shaky. Why does the resolution reset to 1080i, and how can I lock it in at 1080p so I do not need to change it every time I turn on my TV?

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    I'm also having this exact same issue. Mac Mini non unibody (2009?) running with a DVI to HDMI adapter. Sharp Aquos 46" tv. My resolution isn't blurry or shakey, the screen just appears larger and the dock icons are partially off the screen. Please post if you find a fix.

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    Me too! My problem with my Mac Mini (mid 2011) + Mountain Lion with a TV LCD Samsung 19", connected with HDMI - DVI... I only see the dock icons but without Finder bar, it's rlly tediuos.


    The option "underscan" doesn't appear as Lion, I update it for nothing....


    Apple need to know this

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    If it is helpful to know, I am also having this same problem with a Retina Macbook Pro (running Mountain Lion) going through a Sony receiver to my Samsung TV. I had no such problems with my old laptop (2007 MBP running Lion).

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    I have this exact same problem.   I'm running a Mac Mini (Macmini4,1) connected via HDMI to my receiver, and from my reciever to my Sony Bravia 1080p TV via HDMI.   Every time I switch back from some other device on my receiver, the Mini's resolution is reset ti 1080i.  This is a new problem since 'upgrading' to Mountain Lion.   How can I lock the mini's resolution?