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iPhoto 5 on Mac Power PC G4, OS 10.4.11


backing up photos to external hard drive (LaCie) My iPhoto Library contains a number of files (such as 'Library.iPhoto' 'iPhoto.db' '' etc) and a number of folders with dates such as 2005 etc, containing folders within folders, none of which with any contents.


     Is there a way I can organise just the photos on their own so that I can select just those to be backed up on my LaCie hard drive, without all those distracting and (apparently) unnecessary extra files and folders ?


exporting edited photos back to CF card on camera I have tried everything I can think of to export photos from iPhoto back to the CF card on the camera, without success. It must be possible to do ?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
  • Terence Devlin Level 10 Level 10 (129,300 points)

    Edit: Note: It's been a while but the Export command may be in the Share menu on older versions...


    1. To back up an iPhoto Library


    Most Simple Back Up


    Drag the iPhoto Library from your Pictures Folder to another Disk. This will make a copy on that disk.


    Slightly more complex:


    Use an app that will do incremental back ups. This is a very good way to work. The first time you run the back up the app will make a complete copy of the Library. Thereafter it will update the back up with the changes you have made. That makes subsequent back ups much faster. Many of these apps also have scheduling capabilities: So set it up and it will do the back up automatically. Examples of such apps: Chronosync or DejaVu . But are many others. Search on MacUpdate


    2. To Back up Just the Photos


    Use the File -> Export command to export the images to where you want them.


    BTW: there are no user-serviceable parts in the iPhoto Library Folder. Rooting around in there can cause damage.


    3. Edited Photos to CF Card is a two part process:


    Exporting is just File -> Export. Choosing any setting except 'Original' and you'll get the Edited version.


    The CF Card? Just drag and drop there.


    But a couple of possible problems: Canon Cameras don't show up in the Finder. So you'll need to stick the card into a USB Card Reader for get them on there


    Camera Cards are all formatted FAT. That means there's a limit to the number of items on the top level of the card: Workaround: Export the shots to a folder and drag that over


    And, of course, if you want to see the shots in the camera, you'll need to put them in whatever specific folder it uses for the photos.






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    TD : many thanks for swift and helpful reply . . .


         I have experimented exporting some photos to a dedicated folder on the Desktop, and the LaCie 'Intego Backup Assistant' will allow me to select it for backup if I choose (and which has an option for incremental backup).


         I will be migrating backups from the LaCie onto my new Mac : will I be sacrificing anything taking that route rather than backing up the iPhoto Library ?


         I do have a Canon, which does show up in the 'Source' sidebar of the iPhoto window, and gives the option of importing the photos I have just exported, but won't accept any previous photos for Import.


         Not sure what you mean by drag and drop to CF card, and I don't have a USB Card Reader. I just have the camera with card on board, attached to my Mac with USB cable.


         Any further assistance would be much appreciated, if you have the time (and in fairly simple terms please !)


                   Regards, P

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    I will be migrating backups from the LaCie onto my new Mac : will I be sacrificing anything taking that route rather than backing up the iPhoto Library ?


    Yes, all the albums, originals (or edits) metadata and so on.


    To move a v5 Library to a new machine:


    To move an iPhoto Library to a new machine:


    Link the two Macs together: there are several ways to do this: Wireless Network,Firewire Target Disk Mode, Ethernet, or even just copy the Library to an external HD and then on to the new machine...


    But however you do choose to link the two machines...


    Simply copy the iPhoto Library from the Pictures Folder on the old Machine to the Pictures Folder on the new Machine.


    As it's such an old version you'll need to download this:



    and run it.


    Then launch iPhoto on the new machine. That's it.


    This moves photos, events, albums, books, keywords, slideshows and everything else.


    I do have a Canon


    Canon's don't appear in the Finder and so there is no way to copy files to the camera. It's a "feature" of the brand. The only way around this is to beg/steal/borrow or as a last resort buy a USB Card Reader.






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    TD thanks again,


         I have been told, because of the age of my old G4, not to try and link it directly with the new desktop but to migrate backups from the LaCie external hard drive.


         I have the recommended download on the desktop of my old G4. I haven't completed it because, re-reading your instructions, I am not sure if you were recommending downloading it onto the G4 or not.


         I currently have a 'iPhoto Library Upgrader' hard drive icon on my desktop, and a window showing 'iPhoto Library Upgrader.pkg'.


         If you recommend completing the download on my G4 before backup, do I just double click the .pkg icon ? After that, if there are any icons left, do I Eject them ?


         If you don't recommend I download on the G4, but on the new Mac instead, do I simply Trash everything ?


                        Many thanks, P

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    From what I can gleam from the MacTracker app all  G4 Macs had FireWire ports.  Therefore you can connect your Mac together via a Firewire cable while putting your G4 into Target Disk Mode,  Transferring files between two computers using FireWire.


    That turns you G4 into essentially an external HD connected to your new Mac where you can just drag your iPhoto library from it to the Pictures folder on your new Mac.



  • Terence Devlin Level 10 Level 10 (129,300 points)

    Run the Updater on the new machine after you've got the Library over there.

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    Thanks OT,


         When you say ' . . . while putting your G4 into Target Disk Mode', is that a command on the new Mac : otherwise, where do I find it on the G4 ?


                   Regards, P.

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    Hi guys.


    I need to move out the iPhoto library to not corrupt it exctracing the originals etc...I've tried to copy the iPhoto library on an ext HD but it tells me "the folder already exists"...I also tried (as a test) to copy the "Originals" folder and it stopped telling me that some files cannot be copied...well I think that I'm dealing with a format issue as I formatted the ext HD as FAT32 and it has the 4 GB file transfer limit and also the file extension name limit that I think is the reason why the copy is being interrupted.


    Please help me. Thanks

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    this is a totally different issue and threadjacking is confusing for you and other posters - a new thread would be best - the basic reason for this new problem  it that the iPhoto library can not be on a FAT formatted drive - it must be on a drive formatted Mac OS extended (journaled)



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    LarryHN, "threadjacking" is a very strong and aggressive term (not applicable in this case - his doubt is germanely related to the issue at hand, which is backing up his photos).  try to be more understanding with people who have problems and difficulties that you do not.  the way you write  aggressively to other users is absolutely not the way to go, even if you owned this forum, which you do not.  


    i understand that you actually want to help people, but bullying them is not the way.

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    @djfrankieflowers, you might want to give Time Machine a try (in case your objective is to STORE your iPhotos Library while you perform maintenance on your Mac).  this is not a solution for saving and using iPhoto Library from an external device. 


    in case you decide to use TM and run into a permissions problem when restoring your backup, take a look at this recipe (worked for me on snow leopard):

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