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Hi, folks.  I've spent an hour searching the threads, but I haven't found an answer to my problem (or anyone who's had the same problem).  Please help if you can!


We're using the Canon XF300 and we tested some footage a couple weeks ago.  We ingested it into Final Cut Pro (7.0.3) using Log and Transfer (after installing the Canon plugin) and it all came through perfectly.  Worked without a problem.


Now, we have a week's worth of field footage, captured exactly the same way, transferred to the same hard drive, exactly the same as the test footage...


See what I'm getting at?  EVERYTHING has been done the same.  Identical.


And yet the new footage is not being recognized in the Log and Transfer window.


Instead, this is what's happening:


Screen shot 2012-08-03 at 10.42.56 AM.png


What gives?  Everything we're doing is identical to the testing we did a couple weeks ago.  Like I said, I've searched the forums, read a couple dozen threads, followed the Creative Cow link mentioned in several of them.  I must be missing something.  Please fill in the gap for me.  Thank you!


Like I said before, we've downloaded the Canon plugin, imported test footage at ProRes 422, watched it, edited it, enjoyed it.  But now our new footage is unrecognizable by FCP.  And the directory structure is identical to that of the test footage.