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I have scoured the internet for over an hour now, as well as the Apple app store, to no avail.  Seriously, it's a sad day that we're in 2012 that there isn't an auto reply app or a feature the comes standard on the iphone that will automatically reply when a text message is received while driving.  ***!!!  please correct me if im wrong.  (and i really hope i am). 

Every single app that was mentioned on the internet is not available in the app store.  nor was there any setting to have auto-reply setup. my state just outlawed texting while driving. wonderful. so tell me why the iphone, supposedly the best phone money can buy, does not have an app for safety purposes???!!!  i'm floored by this!!!!  IF I'M DRIVING, I WANT A SETTING OR APP TO TURN ON THAT WILL REPLY TO ANY TEXT MESSAGES I RECEIVE WITH A TEXT MESSAGE BACK TELLING THE PERSON I'M DRIVING/BUSY/WHATEVER

this has me considering an Android next time i re-up my phone........ 

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1
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