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I recently perchased an Apline CDA-9856 with the iPod Full Speed connecting cable for my car. When i plug my iPod into the cable, it powers on and starts charging like it should. The dash unit also recognizes that there is an ipod, but the only thing it will display is "Searching..." and the only way to leave this screen is to change the dash unit back to tuner or cd. I plugged an iPod mini into it and it worked fine, but it will not work with my 30g Video iPod. I took my Ipod back to factory settings and also reset my Alpine unit to no avail. Any help would be greatly appriciated.

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  • treborito Level 2 Level 2
    Did you ever find a resolution to this issue? I have a 60 G Color Wheel with the CDA-9856 and the KCE-422i and have had minimal issues. Sometimes it locks up (about three times since I bought back in late February) and requires an iPod reset to resolve the issue.
  • johnnycourage Level 1 Level 1
    sorry.....don't know if my previous post made it through....

    did you find any solution? i'm having the EXACT same issue.....

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    did you by any chance find solution?
    I am experiencing the same exact problem with 30gn video
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    i've tried full reformats, new and old drivers, and uninstalls....

    i haven't had the chance to try another ipod yet....

    i have a few more things to try this morning yet...
  • Toiletimp Level 1 Level 1
    no, it still doesn't work. i'm gunna take my ipod back and hope that it was just messed up somehow that it worked fine for everything but my car tuner.
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    It looks like many of us are having similar problems with the iPod video and Alpine CDA-9856, i.e. getting a constant "searching" or a frequent "error-01" message. I have been searching the forums that involve Alpine and this issue keeps popping up. One person was able to remedy his problem by going to the apple store and getting a new iPod. I have restored, reset, upgraded and rolled back the firmware and still encounter problems. I even had my Alpine stereo swapped out and I still have problems. Older iPods seem to work ok so I think this is a problem with the newer iPods. I will go to the Apple store shortly to get a swap out.

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    This probably won't be much help other than seemingly if you're lucky the Alpine head unit and iPod work fine. I've had a CDA-9847R for about 12 months now, 1st I ran it with a 4G photo and now I have a 5G 60Gb Video. When I plug the ipod in to the Alpine interface cable, the Alpine logo appears on the ipod and then I briefly get a "Searching" warning on the head unit. Then all is well, I have full control of the ipod via the head unit - although it is tediously slow scolling through track/album/etc lists. I have never had to reset either the head unit or the ipod. Did you install the system yourself? Mine was installed by the retailer - then at least I had some "comeback" if all went wrong.
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    I've been using the CDA-9856 w/KCE-422i since January with a 60GB Color Wheel ipod Photo (without video) and have had similar problems two or three times. Each time after resetting the iPod everything seems to works fine.