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Douglas Cooley Level 1 Level 1
I just bought a new Sony 17" WS monitor. It's great & reminds me of the ones on the old iMacs.
I'd like to transfer some desktop background files from my PC (XP H) to my mac mini. I was going to use the easiest method of external HD but I heard that I could also use an ethernet cable, connect the two directly (I don't have an internet ethernet connection) and transfer the files just like that. Well I tried it & the Mac does not recognize the PC. I know OSX has no trouble viewing PC file extensions, so can anyone give some easy directions as to how to do this?

Pentium D 820 + XP H, Mac Mini1.25 Mac OS X (10.3.9)

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  • Ferd II Level 7 Level 7

    Move your files using a network, may point you in the right direction.

  • Kurt Lang Level 8 Level 8
    Hi Douglas,

    Ferd II's link is excellent if you have a router, but it can be done without one. Though you do need a cross-over Ethernet cable. That's why the Mac and PC can't see each other with a standard cable. Then follow these instructions.

    1) Open "My Network Places" on the Windows computer.

    2) Double click on "Add a network place".

    3) A setup wizard will appear. Click next and choose the option to specify a network site, etc. Click Next.

    4) Open the System Preferences on your Mac. Choose Sharing. Under the Services tab, turn on the check box for "Windows Sharing". Click on the Accounts button and activate your account. If sharing hasn't started by itself, click the Start button. Write down the address where it says "Windows users can access your computer at...". It would be something like \\\username

    5) Enter that address in the wizard at the Windows computer and click Next.

    6) It will take a few minutes for the connection to show up. When it does, give the connection a name and save it.

    In the future, you then just need to have Windows sharing on at your Mac and double click the connection you saved to connect. When you do, a dialogue box will appear asking for the Mac users' name and password to connect. Put in your long name (the same one that appears any time the Mac asks for your password) and the password. A folder will open on the Windows desktop.

    Initially, it will only let you set the connection up for your entire Mac account. So you will see all of the folders within that account. If you want to confine the connection to the drop box, then run the connection wizard again. This time, on the page where you enter the Mac address, you'll have a drop down menu of all of the folders in your account. Choose username\Public\Drop Box and save that connection. Delete the previous one. Now when you connect (using the same long name and password), the folder on the Windows desktop will be confined to the Drop Box folder of your account.
  • Ferd II Level 7 Level 7

    That link also contains...
    Option 3: Direct Mac-to-PC Connection
    If you don’t have a router or wireless base station, you can simply connect your Mac and PC directly using any type of Ethernet network cable. Just plug one end of the cable to your Mac’s Ethernet port and the other end to your PC’s Ethernet port.
  • Douglas Cooley Level 1 Level 1
    Well, I'll look for a crossover cable(not sure how that differs from what I used) and consult the link posted. I have a router here somewhere; but I thought that OS X & WXP were both "intuitive " enough to automatically detect each other's files.
    I guess I was wrong about that.
    Thanx for the help; if it doesn't work it's back to the external drive.

    Pentium D 820 + XP H Mac OS X (10.3.9) Mac Mini
  • Kurt Lang Level 8 Level 8
    Heh! That's what I get for not reading all the way through. Although most who try that between a Mac and PC with a non cross-over cable usually find it doesn't work.