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I have read in the Color manual and in certain places (here and the COW), that simple video transitions should be able to make the round trip back from Color to Final Cut Pro.  I have a video that I prepped for Color, only it does contain a few cross dissolves.  Everything is on one track, and the grading is done.  I see my dissolves in the Color timeline.  When I go back to FCP, however, they are gone.  Obviously, with there being no handles on Color video, I can't add them later.


I understand that I could send the clips I want to perform dissolves on with handles over to color, grade them, and send them back and THEN make the dissolve, but this would be an elaborate waste of time.  Is there a setting somewhere that I'm overlooking?  Why, when all indications are that it will work, will it not work?


Any input would save me from re-doing this whole edit.




Stats:  Running Final Cut Studio 2

            Mac Pro

            FCP version 7.0.3

            Color version 1.5.3


All clips involved in this edit were QT at MPEG-2 Video, Linear PCM, Timecode

Dimensions 1280x720


Let me know if you need more info.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)