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I have created 2 movies in iMovie that use some videos uploaded to iMovie and also some photos from iPhoto.  I have since decided to move all of my photos to Adobe Lightroom.  To do so, I have exported photos by event from iPhoto to a new location, imported them into Lightroom, and then deleted the event from iPhoto.  For the iPhoto events where I have used photos in iMovies, I have yet to delete the events from iPhoto.  I assume that iMovie will be very confused about the location of the photos and will no longer be able to play the movie.  Should I just keep these events in iPhoto in addition to having a copy of the photos in Lightroom?  Can iMovie "see" photos in Lightroom?  I have 2 goals here:  1) not break 2 existing iMovies that use photos from iPhoto, 2) be able to create new iMovies using video and also photos from Lightroom.  Is this possible?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)