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Upgraded to Mountain Lion a week ago which seems good for a day then it kept on causing at least Apple Mail, Google Chrome, Finder and other Apps becoing "Not Responding".  Can't even get out except forced shut downn with the Start Button.  Even downloaded a new version of ONYX hoping to clean up the Mac but each time Apps kept on "Not Responding"


Has anyone experienced these symptoms ? and if so, how did you get the new OSX Mountain Lion to be in a stabalise state would be greatly appreciated.


Many Thanks in Advanced !

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion
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    I am having the same problems with Mountian Lion....very slow....continuous Finder not responding errors...Quick Time won't open.  I hope somebody can help.

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    I have the same problem, mac book air, upgraded all ok for 2 /3 day and then at random one of the few apps I am running (outlook, skype, chrome) locks (not responding in force quit) and the whole laptop stops working even though you can keep chaning space's you cannot do anything.


    I work all day on my laptop without any problems (external monitor and usb ethernet) and then at home at least once a night stops, could be a wifi problem.

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    The exact same thing is happening to me. 2-3 days after upgrade to Mountain Lion, it started acting strange and when it becomes stuck all I can do is manually shut it down and restart. This is disappointing as I constantly risk to lose my current work.


    I'm on a 2011 13" Macbook Pro, 4GB ram and Intel I7 2.8 GHz.

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    Most of the cases where this is happening right now seem to be related to 3rd party kernel extensions which are incompatible with Mountain Lion.  It's easy to see if you have any 3rd party extensions by running this command from Terminal:


    kextstat -kl | awk ' !/apple/ { print $6 } '


    Go ahead and run that and paste the results back here.


    The one that seems to be most commonly involved in my experience is Air Display:


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    Here are my possible problems after running the script






    Just wondering how to remove them !


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    Im having the same sort of problem as well. I first turn on my mac and go to go into safari and then it craches. It does this around 3 - 4 times and then it works. The funny thing is it only does this for safari.

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    I too am having a problem - all applications work except Contacts, which does not open and the Activity Monitor shows it as Not Responding and I have to force quit it.  Interestingly=, Activity Monitor also indicates Contacts using 100% of CPU, but the CPU Usage graphic at the bottom has CPU at 85% idle.

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    Thanks!  This worked!  Mine was soundflower and Seagate.  Haven't had a problem since. 

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    I ran kextstat -kl | awk ' !/apple/ { print $6 } ' from the command Terminal and here is the result:



    What is this telling me and what is the fix? Thank you

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    So how do we remove them? Searching "This Mac" doesn't locate them.

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    My 2012 15" Macbook Pro is now having the same problems with the Finder freezing ever since I installed the supplemental update to 10.8.2.

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    I just performed this command in Terminal and got the following:








    What must one do with these?


    Also, even after last update, my iMac keeps crashing, freezing... and all my smart folders are gone from my mail!


    Please help!

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