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I have just got a new Air and upgraded to Mountain Lion.


In my office there are 2 Wifi networks, one uses proxy and one without.


My understading is that Network locations allows me to setup the 2 wifi under 2 "locations", and then I can switch between the 2.


With my computer, after setting up the first one, applied the settings, I change to "location 2" and attempt to set up the second one. applied the settings. This somehow change "location 1" too.


Can anyone help pls.



MacBook Air (11-inch, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion
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    Right as YOU ARE changing the WiFi network #1 is using.


    While on location one open Network in Sys Prefs then click on the Location drop down and select Edit Locations. Hit the plus sign at the bottom and type in a name. Then click Done. Then select WiFi in the left hand panel and select the WiFi network name SSID you want to connect to, type in the password. Click Join.




    Also click Apply at the bottom of that window after every operation.

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    Thanks. Unfortunately as soon as I select new wifi for location 2 and clicked applied, location 1 also changed to new settings....:-(

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    Yeah I'm seeing that also. I'll have to boot back into Lion and check it there. That will be a few minutes.




    I did notice that everytime I added a Location it defaulted to Ethernet.


    Instead of using the Location section just click the WiFi icon and select your new SSID name you want to use. Once you type in the password for that new SSID it will be saved in the Advaanced section Preferred Networks area and you can switch back and forth at will from the WiFi Icon in the menu bar.

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    Unfortunately the 2 wifi has different proxy settings, and by using location, I am hoping I can switch between proxy settings easily. Proxy settings don't seem to be tagged to the SSID......

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    Well then I think you will need to set your locations for the proxies and then switch the WiFi to the other SSID for that proxi.


    Looks like WiFi SSID name connections are independent of Location settings. I'm getting the same thing in Lion.

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    The ability to have different network settings for different locations went away in Lion, unfortunately.


    When Lion first came out, I filed a bug with Apple about it. They said that it "Behaves correctly". At this point, I don't even understand why "Locations" still exist – the only thing they control is which network interfaces are active, not the settings assigned to those interfaces.


    A real shame. The old location feature was very useful and worked very well – it allowed me to quickly change my list of preferred networks and DNS settings when I took my laptop on campus.