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I am trying to share photos in Aperture using outlook 2011 and mountain lion. A new email appears with the subject files but no images are attached. Why is this happening? I have tried changing the crypt file as suggested by Microsoft but to no avail.


Is anyone else having this problem? Any advice on how to fix?



MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion
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    Getting the same thing, dont know how to fix it.

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    Hi Dennis_S,


    I found the solution. See below posted by someone else:





    I have found it. It seems that in Lion we had to convert the filename from Mac native to Posix format, in mountain lion this is no longer necessary. If you want to modify the script here are the instructions:


    Finder->Applications. Right click on Aperture and choose "Open package contents"

    Contents->Plugins. Open "Microsoft Outlook.applescript" (with the applescript editor)

    You should see the following 3 lines:


    -- convert the image path from UNIX to Mac

    set this_imagefile_path to (POSIX file this_imagefile) as string

    make new attachment at new_message with properties {file:(this_imagefile_path)}


    these should be replaced with this line:


    make new attachment at new_message with properties {file:(this_imagefile)}


    You are not allow to directly edit this file so save a duplicate somewhere.

    Rename the original script file.

    Copy the modified file to the Contents->Plugins folder of the package. It has to be called "Microsoft Outlook.applescript"

    You will probably be asked for your password a number of times.

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    Since the latest update to Aperture 3.4 it seems the problem returned....so I made the chnages in the A/Script and now it starts Outlook but does nothing else.


    Any ideas....I dont want to move to Mail, I like the integration of Outlook.