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no service

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
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    Reset network settings!  >General>Settings>Reset>Reset Network Settings.

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    I did, in my Iphone but "no service".

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    Hi guys,


    I have this problem about once a month, and of course, it only started doing it AFTER my year was up (I didnt purchase the extended warranty) so I cant have it replaced or checked out for free.  Anyway, I have Verizon Wireless and have had to call them several times so I have all the tricks and tips.  Other discussions have suggested turning the phone off and on again (this is most of the time I get no service!!) and going into settings, general, reset, reset network settings.  Resetting the network settings used to work for me, but the last few times has not.  Today, after all my own troubleshooting, I was on hold with Verizon and looking thru these discussions.  One person suggested turning off Airport Mode, so I went into my settings and noticed my WiFi wasnt on.  I hit my wifi button and my wifi popped up (might not work if youre out and about or at a free wifi place, or maybe it will???), entered my password and sure enough, my service came RIGHT BACK!  So, look thru these discussions and try all these tips.  Hopefully one of them will work!  Good luck! 

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    If there is no service the best thing to do is to call your netowrk provider or visit their shop. They should fix it.

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    got my iphone4 yesterday and now no service i tried everything reset the network settings still not working ...

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    they did that at the apple store and still no luck

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    I took mine to the apple store and they reset it and it worked.  But when I click on rese networks there are options and  I don't know what to select.

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