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Is there any way of recovering the original file from my iphone? Im used to Apple delivering products of high quality therefore I delete all files from my iPhone after importing to my computer. You shouldnt have to save the files just to make sure the import was a success.   But this time I shouldnt have trusted this lousy piece of "equipment".  I, full of anticipation, watched my movies. They have not sound! Why now!? Why these movies?! I have not changed any settings in my iPhone at all since last recording of videos with working sound and I have racorded videos with working sound after these.


The imported videofile have no sound at all. This is not a question about volume. VLC tells me there is no sound stream at all! Videos taken the day after have normal working sound. Presumably worthless iTunes messed up the importing and some great, priceless minutes of video gets destroyed because there is no sound!


Please someone help me recover the original files from my iPhone or get these minutes of video WITH sound. pleaase!



iPhone 3GS, Mac OS X (10.6.8), iTunes 10.6.1, iPhone 3Gs, iOS5.1.1
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10

    iTunes has nothing whatsoever to do with the import of music and video from the iPhone's Camera Roll.


    What did you use on your computer for the import?


    The Camera Roll is included with the iPhone's backup. If the iPhone's backup was updated since the videos were captured and has not be updated since the videos were deleted from the iPhone, you can try restoring your iPhone from your iPhone's backup. Don't update the backup before doing so.


    More than likely the import process for the video did not strip the sound. This was probably an error with the video captured on the iPhone.

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    Ok, sorry, wrong focus on my part. Maybe Im a bit to frustrated and sad to have lost the sound on this priceless video to think clearly. I used iPhoto 7.1.5 to import my video and then selected "Delete imported" when it asked me. Believing my videos was imported WITH sound.


    No, last backup was done july 22. The videos was taken yesterday august 4.


    Might it help jailbreaking my phone to get hold of these video since apples own software cant do it?

  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10

    I have never heard of iPhoto or any photo/video import app/utility stripping sound from a video import.


    Recovering deleted data from a hard drive or flash drive is no different with an iOS device. Hacking the iPhone won't help with recovering deleted data. As when trying to recover deleted data from any hard drive or flash drive, the more the drive is used increases the chance the area on the drive where the deleted data was stored will be overwritten making data recovery impossible by any means.


    Try a Google or internet search for data recovery with an iPhone.

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    The fact that you never heard of it doesnt change my situation. But thanks for the sympathy.


    The problem still exists.

    If it is not iPhotos fault. It must be Apples video-app on my iPhone. Right?! Its still the same company that made this junk. I dont know of any swith muting the sound while recording video.


    I am also aware of the problems involved in saving data that has been flagged "OK to delete" by the OS.


    Regarding the "try google tip" Im not sure if you are suggesting any other means of data recovery that wouldnt be proper to suggest on this website but still might work. If that is the case please insist on suggesting that method once more, maybe beeing a bit more specific?


    If you are just beeing polite and havent got any more answers but still want to help by giving me standard answer. Thank you for your help but it wasnt enough.

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    I do not own an apple computer, but I do have an iPhone....and I have experienced the same problem....I do sympathize with your loss, seeing as I myself have lost precious digital memories in the past(seperate issue)...I use Windows XP operating system, and it informed me that the import wasn't successful, so I did not delete the videos from my iPhone....however, the file that did import to my computer has full working video, and absolutely no audio whatsoever....I've been searching all over to figure out what this problem is and how to fix it.....will be sure to drop any info I've found your way....please to the same if you have resolved the issue! Thanks!!