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I got this nice white box recently hoping to connect my 2TB hard drive to store all my documents that I could access from around the world via Back to Mac.


It all got set up fine and I added my apple id which was also added without any trouble in the airport utility


But finder wouldnt display any Back to Mac. I checked in the iCloud preferences and it says NAT is not enabled. So I go to Airport Utility and change it to DHCP and NAT from Bridge mode and now it shows WAN sharing option for the hard drive but 'DOUBLE NAT' error on the airport utility and iCloud Pref.


This is my setup:


A Wimax Modem *** Router - (I couldnt find a model name as it was provided by the ISP.)


Ethernet running to Airport Extreme which is set up as Bridge mode for now.


2TB hard drive connected via USB.


All other devices connected wireless.

AirPort Extreme 802.11n (5th Gen), OS X Mountain Lion