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Before iMatch, I had no issue with my iPad, iPod, and iMac syncing up. Now, I have three major complaints: 1) iMatch deleated songs which were on my iMac before I bought iMatch! (I was giving some credit from customer support so, I'm ok with that now. Thank you Apple reps.) 2) Album artwork dissapeared! I then spent days! getting it all back (I have almost 8,000 songs) After getting it all back on my iMac, I plug in my devices to sync only to find almost half of the artwork wont sync. EVEN SONGS I BOUGHT FROM ITUNES! I'm still trying how to fix this because ALL my songs have art work on my iMac and Apple TV.

Last issue I've been having is songs I have from a soundtrack or complation album (Punk Demo's etc...) On my computer they are all under the "Artist" of who made the song. After buying iMatch, now on my iPad NOT my iPod! the device has made it's own "Artist" called "Various Artist" which is NOT on my iMac or iPod, just my iPad!!!!


Please, does anyone know how to fix any of these issues? Thank you,

iMatch, OS X Mountain Lion, No syncing issues BEFORE iMatch
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    I've still got your second problem. I'm really disappointed with Apple about this as they appear to have made no effort to fix it.


    Every time I sync an iDevice with iTunes, all the artwork disappears off the iDevice and then it slowly re-downloads, although there always ends up with some missing - but different ones missing each time.


    I can only hope that the reason it hasn't been fixed is that the fix is so major that Apple have decided to completely re-write the code for iOS 6.


    What makes it all the more annoying is that this is a paid-for service.

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    Hey Chap,


    It's a dubble edge sword. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with syncing issues and then I get more upset because if this is a common issue, why is it not fixed? Like you said, it's frustrating because now of this happened until we PAID for iMatch.


    I hope this is fixed with iOS6

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    I had no problems purchasing songs from itunes and syncing them to my ipod.  Since imatch and apple tv new songs purchased sync with atv but not my ipod.  Any suggestions?