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the Save as… function is back which makes me quite happy.


But after using it the first time with preview, I am greatly disappointed. It doesn't work the way it previously did and should work. I cropped several images and hat to manually recover all of the originals because they were automatically saved with the same changes as the new copies. I have the feeling that the developers didn't understand what "Save as" is and why it is so useful. Right now it's just duplicating.


The Save-as concept works this way:

- Open a document (file)

- Edit it

- Decide that these changes are worth a new version of your document (developers call it fork or so)

- Choose the menu item "Save as" to save the changed document as a new one

- The original document remains untouched in it's place


It is self explanatory that I save the changes into the new document, but not into the original.


This should apply even though "Autosave" is on and the original document is closed automatically. –> Design error


Additionally I had turned on the option "Ask to save before closing...." but the system didn't ask, it just saved and closed the file automatically. –> Bug


What Mountain Lion did when I edited my images: It saved all changes to the new AND the original images. All the originals were also cropped and I had to use the star wars mode to recover every image one by one. Frustrated would be an understatement.

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