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It has happened more than a few times where sent messages were not found in the Sent Box but were actually sent out.  Is there anyone who has the same encounter and know how to prevent it from happening again?  Thanks.

MacBook Air
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    I have the same problem on my MacBook Air . Some sent messages just not appear in my sent box although recipients received them ? How can I resolve this issue ?

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    I run Apple Mail on all platforms: Desktop / MacBookPro / iPad / iPhone and this "sent mail disappearing" exists on ALL to an extent. I've tried rebuilding mailboxes, opening only the folder on the iPad/iPhone from the account used to send the email...NO JOY. When I go to gmail via a web browser, the email is in the sent folder.


    Obviously, there are some MAJOR bugs in Apple Mail. Has to be...otherwise, there wouldn't be such consistent problems regardless of platforms.


    I know the mail isn't lost or not sent...it just isn't ALWAYS getting stored on the actual device that sent it.


    Does anyone have a better email client? I have about 10 active email accounts...and use them all every day. Help!! (I am not returning to Outlook under *any* circumstances!)

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    I'm having the same email issues on my iPad (since iOS5.0.1 I would say). I write, hit send, hear the "wooosh" sound, my email dissapears from my drafts folder, and does not reappear in sent folders on my ipad, mac, or icloud.com. ***?!? this only happens intermerrantly so it has been impossible to narrow down the problem. seems like the handoff between the drafts/sent boxes has some flaw which I have not been able to fix by a backup/restore. In more than a decade of sending emails I have never had this issue on my mac, that I remember, so it looks to be iOS specific IMO. At the moment, the only solution I see is to wipe completely and start from scratch while hoping for the best -- and this really really really ***** :-(

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    Same HUGE problem here.


    I has this bug in the past, was ok with Lion and now is back.


    I work at a law firm, this is a huge problem for me, I cannot use Mail and just crossing fingers at every message I send.

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    just want to share a possible fix that appears to work (on my iPad at least)

    I simply deleted the [iCloud] account in question and re-added it again.

    now things work as they should! hope this helps others.

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    I'm running Apple Mail version 5.3 on a Macbook Pro.


    In the Mail Preferences -> Accounts -> Mailbox Behaviors tab there are several

    properties for controlling behavior of messages