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just updated from Ap 2 to 3 and got the following error message:  The library in “/Users/name/Pictures/Aperture Library.aplibrary” cannot be upgraded.


Any ideas?

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    The library in “/Users/name/Pictures/Aperture Library.aplibrary” cannot be upgraded

    Is that the full error message you get? Are there any additional messages in the Console window? Any crash logs?


    Backup your Aperture 2 library, if you have not done so and rename it from the default name, so that Aperture 3 will not overwrite it, by accidentally creating a new library.


    Your Aperture 2 library may have a corruption. To repair this, try to repair the permissions and rebuild the library with the "Aperture library First Aid Tools". This would best be done with Aperture 2, if you have saved your Aperture 2 application, see the "Release Notes" (at the bottom of the page, additional information).


    If you no longer have Aperture 2, try the repair with Aperture 3:

    Hold down the option-command-key combination⌥⌘, while you double click your Aperture library.

    Then select  "repair permissions" from the First Aid panel, followed by a "Rebuild Library".




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    Thanks LeonieDF, but no luck.


    yes that is the full error message. 


    I can't open aperture at all.  when i do, i get the "welcome to aperture, your library needs to be upgraded" window. and whether i Quit or Continue I get the error message.  So i assume my Ap 2 is now Ap 3. 


    I can't access the first aid tool.  Holding control option while opening the aperture icon or the library itself just bring the "welcome to apeture, your library needs to be upgaded" window. 


    thanks for trying. 

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    update:  all of a sudden aperture now works.  it shows my library, but none of the info, no pics.  the old libary is updated, and i have tried to repair permissions...but none of the info shows up in the actually aperture program. 

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    What does your Aperture application window now look like? Can you post a screenshot, please?

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    Thanks.  it shows my updated library name, which has about 30GB of pcis, but no info.


    Screen Shot 2012-08-06 at 8.38.53 AM.png