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I've been using STP for the past six years for my podcast. Am currently on STP 3.0 but I'd been finding that the program, always flaky in many ways, was starting to have problems with new hardware. It didn't transfer happily to my  2012 Mac Pro and didn't transfer at all to my  2012 Macbook Air. On the former it works, with occasional warning screens. On the latter it won't even launch, though ostensibly it's installed.


Long story short, I'd been meaning to find another DAW for some time because Apple seems to have quietly deprecated STP. And although I'll miss STP, being used to it, I decided to switch to Adobe Audition (Pro Tools seems too much a leap for what I do).


Question: has anyone else switched recently to Audition? Any tips or tricks? I'm finding, for example, that scrolling around the waveform is more difficult but I'm sure I'm missing something obvious...


All responses appreciated.

Mac Pro (Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion