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Whenever I try to upload my ibook to itunes connect, I get an error message stating there is a .png file (image file) whos name is too large to be uploaded. I've looked through the book to try to find it but can't seem to find it. I think it might be behind something. Is there any way to find an image or file inside of an ibook just by looking for it by name?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), Running Mountain Lion
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    I do not know of any built-in option that does support this, but once I found the file names of the image files by opening a copy of the .iba file in a text editor that lets you view binary files, for example in Aquamacs Emacs. The image filenames will clearly stick out, even if all other content is a mess:

    For example, searching for jps:


    Or even simpler, use the Terminal to dump the iba-file with "strings" and search with "grep" for ".png":

    Enter this line: (replace the red line by the path to a copy of your iba file)

         strings ~/Documents/myDocuments/iBooks/Rezepte.iba | grep ".png"

    this found:





    strings ~/Documents/myDocuments/iBooks/Rezepte\ copy.iba | grep ".jpg"

    Beim Abschiedsdinner, Kobe.jpg





    Am Lake Chuzenchiko, Nikko.jpg

    Weinprobe mit Chianti Classico.jpg  ....


    To create the pathname to your file you can simply drag it from the Finder into the Terminal window after typing "strings ".




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    Thank you so much! This solved my problem! I really appreciate it and i'm uploading my book right now as I type!

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    You are welcome!

    Good luck for with book!