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Upgraded to Mountain Lion and latest Apple upgrade. Now I cannot load any iTunes library. Everything else on Apple TV works (Photostream, etc).  Network is OK and trouble shooting is not offering any solutions.


Is it the itunes library itself or is it Apple TV?


Is anyone else having these problems?

AppleTV 2, OS X Mountain Lion
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    I believe its the mountain lioin update, Ive been on the phone with apple for almost an hour going from tech to tech, tried a few things still a problem, i mentioned that I read a bunch of threads about the problem and they all say that havent heard any.

    I think it has to do with the way ML puts the computer to sleep

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    I've encountered this same issue this morning. First use of my Apple TV 2 since upgrading to Mountain Lion. Mac was awake when I tried (I actually started out by trying the AirPlay mirroring from the Mac, which worked fine). When I tried to access my library in any way, the Apple TV displayed: "There are no [videos/playlist/songs/etc.] in this library."


    I have just managed to get mine working by restarting the Apple TV (Settings/General/Restart) and it's playing music as I type. I've been reading reports mentioning ML's sleep, so I guess time will tell whether this restart will be a permanent fix.